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Leftyman 02-03-2002 01:37 AM

Recently found a Rossi .38 snub, model 885, for sale cheap. Previous owner has bobbed the hammer and rendered it DAO. It seems like a decent piece for the money. Has anyone fired one of these?

Seventh Fleet 02-23-2002 07:13 PM

I have a Rossi 2" snubby in stainless steel that I bought for my wife and it has been an excellent pistol. Internally it is exactly like a Model 60 Smith & Wesson, if you like J frame Smith & Wessons, you will like the Rossi.


Eric Larsen 03-25-2002 09:41 PM

I carried a Rossi 357 for a while and I liked it alot. It was heavy for a snubby, but stood up to over 500 357 mags loads and over a 1000 38 spec. including +P's. It had a great trigger and was accurate..both compared very well to my old SP101. I would own one....they are a very solid gun.
Shoot well

Gerald McDonald 03-30-2002 08:57 PM

I have a couple of Rossi snubs, an 885 stainless and a blued 68s. The SS gun is what I pack when out for hikes,fishing or just general screwing around in sweaty or wet weather. I have not shot the stainless gun much but, have probably close to a 1000rds thru the 68 and have really been happy with accuracy and performance. If shooting dirty ammo the cylinder tends to drag a little but not much more than my Security Six. In my opinion its a great little gun that wont put you in morning its stolen.

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