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Ruger p93dc sticking

Hey everyone. Boy am I happy to find this forum!!! I have a Ruger p93dc that I have had a half year, got it used. It started acting up the other day, It will cycle fine through a magazine or two then on every round it will eject the shell and just about cycle a full round and hang up a quarter of an inch before it closes into battery! I have no clue what the problem is? The local gun shop says to file the feed ramp down as it may be catching on a lip but why do I want to fiddle around with something that if done wrong could go off in my face!! My question is does anyone know what the problem may be from experience and does anyone know a Rugersmith around VT or should it just be sent there?
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"Sticking" ?

Clean it good, and lubricate.
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A friend's KP93DC was doing the same thing until I cleaned/oiled it well. It was an early production model and also had terrible magazine springs. Those are being replaced by Wolff springs now.
IF you're in northern Vermont there's a really good gunsmith in Whitefield, NH. I lived up there a long time, but have forgotten his name. It should be in the local phone book, but I'll be a good cleaning will fix your problem.
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P93dc ftf

I also had a used KP93DC which jammed the same way. I suspected the base of the new round was getting hung while sliding into the extractor. I tried to polish the extractor edges with emory cloth and gained some improvement. I wrote a letter to Mike Smisko at Ruger's customer service department describing the problem. He sent me an extractor free ($10 value + shipping) and I installed it. It has worked perfectly since - roughly 300 rounds. I also replaced the recoil spring assembly when aI first got it as it was several years old and I didn't know how much use it had.

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