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Have any of you seen one? If so, is there any real advantage over the MK IIs?
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I have owned two mark IIIs and currently am working on my favorite model, the 6 7/8 inch Tapered Target Barrel in blue steel.

These are, in my opinion, the single finest .22 pistol available today! I have been an avid fan of the mark I, II and now III for nearly 40 years and have used them extensively.

I would not hestitate to recommend one to anyone for any use that the .22 lr can be put to.

The "safety" devices built into the mark III which the mark IIs do not have are subjective. I don't mind the 1911 style mag. release, but the removal of the magizine renders a mark III unable to fire when a round is left in the chamber. I have installed mark II hammer and bushing in my mark III and have therefore removed the lever and spring that accomplishes that and now have a mark III that ejects the magazine like a "rocket" and can still fire the gun with the magazine removed! Were I to sell this gun, I would return it to it's original condition.

I cannot say that to me, they have any advantage over the mark IIs. I require a good trigger and clean sights, both of which can be had on either model by some means if needed and shooting with extreme precision if the only other requisite that I am concerned with and both models provide the accuracy for that. I can recommend either model with absolute confidence.

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Old thread, I got a MK III 22/45 and was disappointed with the changes. Took out the mag safety, replaced with shims. Tossed the loaded chamber indicator and made a steel blank to replace. That said, the trigger is better than my MKII's, almost as good as my MKI target.
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I have owned many Ruger 22 pistols in the past and now am down to my Wife's MKIII heavy barrel target and my MK III 22/45 Heavy Barrel. This first thing I did to the 22/45 was to put an aftermarket trigger in it. It now breaks clean at 2# and I love the accuracy and the grip that mimics my 1911's.

I too think Ruger makes one of the finest 22 pistols in the marketplace. I still Long for a Smith Model 41 however.

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