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Ruger's latest 45 auto - 345RL

After some clever swapping I ended up with one of the new Ruger 45 Auto pistols, the 345RL. The grip is redesigned and a lot of the clunkinest was taken out. It has alot of parts that look cast. I shot one during a Ruger promotion. It shot well and hit point of aim from 25 feet out to 75 feet. Time will tell if it holds up well.
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Old 09-11-2004, 11:53 AM   #2
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All Rugers are cast. That's what they do. There's nothing wrong with it if done correctly, and Ruger does it correctly.
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That would be correct. Castings get a bad name because so many parts makers use that technique to save money, but they do not have tight quality control. Caspian makes both cast and bar stock receivers, they have more problems with returned bar stock receivers than they do with their cast receivers.
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Doesn't Ruger do casting for Caspian?
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I think that would be the Pine Tree facility. I think frames and slides are a lot like tires. Lots of different brand names but just a few manufacturing facilities.

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