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!975, Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum...

When I decided to get serious about handgunning, I could hardly wait to get my first .44 magnum. Elmer had me all worked up and I was all sorts of impatient till I got one.

Got the gun and a couple of boxes of CCI 240 grain SP loads and off I went. Oh MY! says I, got me a real handgun for sure!!! First 6 rounds were double flinch and 1/2 half. Anything 6 feet short of the target best be duckin! Dammit. I was motivated that day and so began my quest to master handgun shooting with all calibers that I could respect. Pretty soon, I was able to shoot well enough to know that the trigger pull was holding me back and of to Spokaneguns, to get a trigger job. Can't recall the man's name who ran it but he was one hec of a good trigger man, got it back at 2 pounds, no creep. I think that job cost me 60.00 bucks then. Got into reloading shortly thereafter and could shoot more often and get on with learning.

I eventually two toned that sixgun and had a pair of ivory grips on it that I got from a pawn shop for hardly anything that I installed .44 magum case heads in as medallions. Took a dozen of so deer with it and everything in between. Got to where all that I hunted with was that sixgun and my MarkI. Lots of grouse and rabbits, I still miss that Mark I.

I have been to nice at times in my life and always treated my close friends well. One such man I still have in my life today and some years ago, he was not able to scrounge up the money for a 44 and I had a pristine old model 44 SBH that I had tuned(learned over time, trial and parts replacement)one day we were talking about his lack of a good 44 and I decided to sell him that one real cheap, too cheap to tell the price in public for fear of being referred to as an idiot! He still has that gun and compares its trigger to all comers. Sometimes, you have to help out, it always comes back to you.
I replaced that one with yet another fine pristine SBH and be danged if I didn't give it to mt daughter and as I sit here, I have no SBH of my own. No, I had to move up the chain and go for a bit more power and range so, ended up with a Super Redhawk in .454 casull, then the Alaskan soon followed in the same caliber. I know recoil when I see it, or so I thought! But, with a little determination, I learned that now I can hold dead on to almost 175 yards and hit the top of the sight post. Pretty hard on older hands and wrists, but worth it while you hold up. I like the 260 grain Nosler partition at 1900 fps in this hunting handgun, but have yet to take bear of deer. I will, if fate would stop standing in the way...

I plan to get me another SBH, one with my favorite Bbl length for packing, 4 3/4 in. and I''l two tone it and tune the action and trigger again. But I'll try to hold on to the next one a little tighter....
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Spokaneguns? Spokhandguns? Vern Ewer?
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Memory may have faded too much to

recall! I will try to think of his name, I certainly never thought that I could forget his name, a very gracious man he was. I saw a few of the S&W model 41s that he had converted to exposed hammer pistols! Bringing up some of this, may prompt a name to pop into my head... Was a wiz with 1911s as well.

Seems like he came up here from Texas. I had him shorten a Bbl on a 7 1/2 in. SBH to 4 3/4 in. and the work he performed was flawless! He was actually very inspirational towards my pursuit of learning how to do much of he hand work that do to this day. (no name yet)

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