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Question P93DC assembly... oops.

So I picked up a heavily used P93DC that used to serve as an old LEO service pistol and after breaking it down a few times I realized just how dirty it was on the inside and that it wouldnt hurt to clean it thoroughly. Well I decided to strip it down, both the frame and slide assemblies and remove the 1-2 mm thick grim and in doing so now have some reassembly issues. I can get the sear block, blocking lever and hammer all installed without issue, however the ejector assembly spring, I am clueless as to how it goes. I made note on how it went but when I go to reassemble the ejector the spring just does not want to sit any which way I put it. I thought I had it at one point but when I was testing the action with the trigger it seemed like it jumped from an 8lb pull to a 12-15lb pull. It was STIFF!

Also I noticed on the slide, after reinstalling the extractor, my right hand side decocking lever is now a bit loose and shaky, where-as it was solid before cleaning. Could it have jsut been so much grime that it held it in place a bit more sturdy than it sits now?

I suppose I shouldnt have been so ambitious on cleaning this piece, but I didnt forsee any issues with the reassembly as everything was/is a pretty straight shot and I have a little experience with other firearm teardown.

Any ideas or support would be greatly appreciated as I plan on making this pistol my little project piece. I suppose worst come to worst Ill just strip the whole pistol back down to bear parts and spend the money to have it shipped, repaired and reassembled by Ruger... Money is tight though so I want to try and tackle this on my own.

Let me know what you think, and thanks!

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Wish I could help. Don't have a Ruger, never took one apart. Good luck. Maybe check Brownells tech line.
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call the folks that made the gun,they will help you.
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Hi, I believe that the frame is the same style as the p944 with the grip panels off, the pivot pin out, lay the long end of the ejector spring down in the slot right next to the hammer spring assy. The long end will go towards the mag opening/ bottom. slip the ejector over & line the pin up along with the spring. Now, you will have to get something like a paper clip with a bend in it and reach across through the frame and pull the hooked end up and over the arm of the ejector. As far as the decocker being loose, I would call ruger, maybe order a new keeper spring. sounds like it has lost its tension.

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