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ruger .44 blackhawk

I have anew model super blacwhawk, Bisley in .44 mag. In order to get the pattern centered I have to crank the sights almost all the way to the left. If I was the only person that required this I would think ther was something wrong with my shooting, but I had an employee at an indoor range shoot the gun with it adjusted that way and his shots hit the same place as mime. This seems like poor quality control to me. Is it easily fixed by someone with no gun smithing skills? How about someone with good gun smithing skills?
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Yup, its broken. Send it to me. Can't be fixed.

Ok, seriously, I had a Blackhawk back in the 70s that came from the factory with a misaligned barrel. Shot, you guessed it, left. Had to be rethreaded. Now theree could be many other things wrong with yours and I'm sure someone with vastly more knowledge than me can help. All I would say is "call Ruger".
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Welcome to the Forum, renny. I would follow Sarge's advice. Call and make arrangements to send it back to Ruger. If you are the original owner they should pay for shipping both ways and fix it for free. When Bill Rger was alive, Ruger customer service was legendary. I have no idea what it's like today....

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Something else you might want to consider, based on my observation of Ruger at work (I worked at Ruger in Newport NH from '79 to '84) on their fixed sight double actions. bending the frame right where the barrel screws in will change the point of impact, in this case it would involve putting pressure on the right (loading gate) side but I also caution you that the guys that did this work at the factory were their senior people, as it is an art, not a process. I would recommend you return it to the factory, 'cause if they screw it up they have the parts to fix it

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