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Question on HK91"realness"

I was just looking at an HK91 in .308. The receiver was stamped Hellenic Arms or something of that sort, and on the other side Springfield Armory SAR-8. Now the guy told me that it was a SAR-3 which had been "overstamped" to make an 8 and that it is an original HK91 that you haven't been able to buy since 1989 and that it isn't a clone. Can someone tell me if this is correct or not? He is selling it with aboput 12 "factory" mags and a scope mount for $1700. Seems a bit steep but if it is authentic/rare or not a clone I believe it would be worth it. Otherwise I'd probably just get an FAL for alot less. Can anyone help me out? forum is down.

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Dont write a check for it until either HKPRO is back up, or you get a more definitve answer than I am about the give.

Im skeptical that it is a real 91 from what you have described. Every 91 Ive ever seen (admittedly not very many) has been stamped as a HK. $1700 is much more in line with clone pricing than a real HK91 with 12 mags.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply. So your saying used clones are going for $1700? Ouch!
The whole lure to the HK for me was rareness but if it isn't the real thing, I'm not so sure. I may just have to look at a FAL. :lol: Any suggestions?

Thanks again
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DSA SA-58 FAL or Springfield M1A. You can't go wrong with either. If you decide to go with DSA, call them and speak with Giovanni, he'll give you the lowdown.
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The SAR3/8s were imported by Springfield Armory from a licensed Greek HK plant.
They are excellent quality and all parts interchange, but are not technically an HK91 (German model designation).
Later ones have a thumbhole stock to meet US import regulations at the time.
The price does seem high. I paid $1000 for a thumbhole variety a few years ago. I would highly recommend one to someone who doesn't want to spend $2000 on a real German HK91.

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