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New armalite 20 round mags

In the past it is true that we did have some difficulties with the 20 round magazines that we produced. When the AR10 first was reintroduced onto the market our hands were tied with what options we had for a 20 round mags because of the Brady Bill. We had to use modified M14 mags in order to have legal 20 round mags for our rifles. Although these mags worked quite well most of the time we still had some issues with them from time to time. Since the Brandy Bill was lifted we have been able to produce a brand new 20 round mag that is more reliable.
Before the ban was lifted we had to cut a mag catch in the body of the M14 mag and change the follower with a plastic follower that had a plunger inside of it to engage the bolt stop on the last round. One of the issues was the plunger dragging on the body of the magazine. Another issue was; we had to use the original spring from the M14 Mag. In some cases these springs (although in new condition) may have been 30 or 40 years old. Our new magazines are 100 % new. We no longer utilize the plunger in the follower so we don’t have to worry about it scrapping on the body as it pushes up, and the follower is shaped more like the follower of an M15/M16 magazine that has the bolt stop built into the follower making the mag more reliable. In essence our second generation mags are much more reliable then before.
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Any 308 in an AR platform will kick more , m1a is a heavier rifle and weight helps with recoil . After shooting a D.PM.S ar in 308 , i bought a soccom II .So,try before you buy (if u can ) i got alot of shooting buddies that let me shoot anything they have .I am lucky , if not ,i would wasted more cash .
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There's no doubt that the lesser weight and ergonomics of the AR platform make for a more user friendly battle rifle. The .308 hits with more terminal authority than the .223. The M1A/ M-14 is a heavier weapon which dampens recoil. Many more rounds of .223 can be carried for an equal weight of .308. Ammo in .223 is much cheaper and more readily available than.308. So, there are trade offs involved in choosing between the two. It's been my combat experience that enemy are not killed any deader by a .308 than a .223, having carried both. In making a choice, I think that you must decide what the purpose/mission of this weapon will be. Do you envision yourself on the move in a survivalist mode after the SHTF. If so, you may want to opt for a standard AR in .223. If you are thinkin' you will be defending your castle against roaming gangs, and you will be stationary with an ample supply of ammo, you may opt for a .308 in the AR or M-14 configuration. If you envision yourself in a sniper role, you may want to opt for the M14 configuration. If you just wanna wear cammies and look cool on the range, the cool factor is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you should be wearin' a Ghillie suit and shootin' a bolt action .308 with a nice piece of glass on it. So what I'm sayin' is the rifle that suits your purpose best is what you should choose....

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