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Has anyone tested the new (rebuild) Centuray clones to the FAL? They look a lot better than the L1A1 (I think they call it). Does anyone know where to get a replacement extractor spring, for 308 Galil's, I think mine is not kosher anymore.
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Old 10-16-2004, 08:22 AM   #2
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Are you talking about the FALs that Century Arms imports, and then asking about a .308 galil as a seperate question?
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Yes thought I'd save space. Centuary was selling one they called the L1A1 which was a real &%$#. But I saw some new ones supposedly with Green Mt. barrels, just wondering whats up?
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Last I checked Century is still using their own receiver which is grossly out of spec, could have changed in the very recent past. The gunplumber at Arrizona Response systems wrote a really bad review of their stuff a while back. If I remeber he refuses to do any FAL builds with a Century receiver because they are so bad. He even dislikes reworking a Century gun because they are so hacked up and out of spec to work with the receiver.

I had one of the L1A1's you mentioned and it would never feed two rounds consecutively, EVER. Half the time I had to actually kick the charging handle to make it move even. I sold it at a loss because the reputatuion had gotten out. After my experience I decided I would never own one of their guns again, no matter what it was.

If it has changed recently let me know.

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