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Steel Case ammo

Hello. So what is the deal with using steel case (Wolf poly) in a chrome lined barrel? Will it tear up the chamber or not? Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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No it won't.

The Russian SKS and AK rifles have chromed chambers and bores and they were specifically intended for use with steel cased and bulleted ammo.

What WEREN'T designed for steel is American firearms.

Some will handle steel just fine, others break extractors and ejectors, but they don't suffer chamber damage.
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Actually the chambers do suffer another type of damage, at least on american guns I have used. I have had this happen to me personally. When rapid firing full 30 round mags back to back I had an issue with the laquer on the steel cases actually baking to the inside of the chamber and causing feeding and extracting problems. Once it cooled it was basically on for good, I couldn't get the stuff off with any solvent I used.

I am not saying it is a common everyday problem, but it has also happenned to a few of my friends as well. In my opinion the few pennies you save getting the cheap laquer stuff isn't worth having this happen again, I stick with the brass stuff.
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Wolf is now using Teflon coating instead of the laquer to fix that problem. Should be easy to tell them apart.
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I've shot hundreds of rounds on FA with Wolf ammo and have had no problems with lacquer build up. Maybe I have just been lucky. But I have several friends who have shot with similar results. Just my 2 cents.
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Old post but......

Lacquer does not melt. Get a fired lacquered case and heat it up with a torch. The coating will not melt.

If lacquer cases would cause chamber fouling, you'd think that the Soviets and their allies would have discovered that fact years ago after firing literally BILLIONS of rounds of ammo through red hot full-auto guns.

What happens is that steel cases aren't as elastic as brass cases.
In straighter walled American chambers the steel case doesn't expand and seal the chamber as well as brass, and some fouling leaks into the chamber, fouling it.

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