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DSA STG58 Questions

I'm considering buying a DSA StG58 FAL, but I've got a few questions that I haven't been able to answer.
1) Is the chamber and barrel chrome lined, since it's military production?
2) Does the barrel feature a true Austrian barb wire cutter/ flash hider, or is it a look alike muzzle brake? If it's a muzzle brake, why haven't they started putting flash hiders on the muzzle again since the AWB sunset?

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Old 05-26-2005, 04:50 PM   #2
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I believe the chambers are chromed but not the barrel. I was just there today and saw many flash hiders of every configuration including the shortened stoll. I have an SA58, and also an STG58 being built, it's an incredible rifle. I would suggest calling Giovanni at the shop and have him walk you through the options. Good luck
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If you get he military grade barrels, I am almost positive they are chrome lined. bore and chamber.

I can't be 100%, but I think all the barrels they offer are chrome lined with the exception of the stainless bull barrels. They don't chrome line those because the lining has a bad effect on accuracy.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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StG barrels are chrome chamber only. FWIW, the DSA StG58 rifles are some of the best out there. The Austrian StG parts are known to be some of the best ever made.

Chrome itself is not what has the bad effect on accuracy, but it's how it's applied. Take for example the FN SPR's. They have chrome lined bores and are phenomenall accurate (for a factory gun).
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I don't think the Austrian barrels were chrome lined anything. They ARE considered to be some of the most accurate FAL barrels around though. Chrome makes maintenance a little easier and you can sometimes be more casual about it, but you can get along very well without it.
Depending on whether your state has enacted it's own permanent Assault Weapon Ban DSA is no longer permanently attaching muzzle devices. The genuine Austrian Stoll flashhider/wirecutter device is probably what you will get on the rifle but it would be good to check before you order. With some lead time, you can probably get a bit different than standard STG built for you, but it will cost you.
Nice rifles.
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DSA only chrome lines the G1 barrels. All of the Stg's and the SA's are chrome moly.


Hope that helps.

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