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which to buy,keltec 2000,ak47 and Cx4 storm?

I like them all and I can afford them.I will mainly use this for deep woods trips and canoe trips,so it needs to weatherable and durable.Thanks!
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The first thing is that they are for different purposes.
The Keltec would be purfect to throw in the bottom of a canoe ( I don't have any experience with one)but it only good at relatiely short range. with a low powered bullet.

The Storm is a very nice carbine shoots very well and you can mount variousa optics on it easily. It also comes in .45ACP much more effective (with the right loads) than a 9mm. but it doesn't fold up and is heavier than the Keltec.

As for the Ak it's a RIFLE. the other 2 are pistol calibre carbines, maximum range about 100m. The ak has much more punch and a range of 400m.

You need to decide what you want the weopon to do.

just my $0.02 worth
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Sidefolder AK. I don't see the sense in pistol caliber carbines (unless it's for SASS :wink: ). A rifle caliber carbine can do all a pistol caliber carbine can do and more.

Unfortunately, these days depending on where you are, there's always the risk of stumbling on a pot field or meth house. I'd feel more comfortable with an AK.

plus, they always go BANG.

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Good God, is this board slow.

For your needs, the KT Sub2K is probably the best bet because it's so easily transported. You can fold it in half and stick it in a daypack! With some 30-rd glock mags, that's a lot of firepower. Yea, it's not a long-range sniper rifle, but do you really see that being needed? Your biggest threat is from two-legged predators that will probably be near rather than far.

The AK is a great choice, but it's bigger and a whole lot heavier. Certainly more powerful and capable taking the aggression out of people and animals. 30-rd mags are available and you can reach out to 150+ yards with reliable accuracy.
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For backpacking/camping, definitely the Kel-tec, or even a Hi-point carbine. Don't let the low price throw you on the Hi-points. They're both durable, light, accurate, and will go forever between cleanings if you need them to. If you go with a Kel-tec I'd recommend the Glock magazine version. Either one if zeroed at 20 yds, is accurate to 100. After that the pistol round starts some serious drop.

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