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Rifles & Suppressors - Compensating for the Change in Po

Hello Everyone,

I am currently planning out a long range purchase of two different rifles with a list of accessories for each. One is an enhancement of my Colt AR-15 in 5.56mm NATO that I have owned since 1993 and the other will be a semiautomatic 7.62mm/.308 rifle. In the latter case I have narrowed it down to an Armalite AR-10 or DSA SA-58 FAL.

It is my intent to eventually buy two suppressors that can be used on each of these rifles as well as any future rifles that are able to use them and have had the necessary mounting modifications.

I have read many reports and talk to other user who have told me that the point of impact when firing the rifle with and without the suppressor attached can vary as much as four minutes of angle. Further, some suppressors do this more than others. As I plan to use a combination of optics as well as iron sights on both rifles this concerns me greatly.

Without firing the rifle exclusively with the suppressor attached, what methods would allow me to most easily compensate for any change in the rifle's point of impact resulting from the attachment of the suppressor?

What has worked best for my fellow THRs?

Is there a particular brand and/or model of suppressor that is known for not adjusting a rifle's point of impact at all or at least less than competing brands?

Before anyone suggests Surefire I can tell you that they do not sell their suppressors to civilians due to a California state law forbidding it. I already asked them.

Thanks for your input.
- Anthony
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