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AK47 Compatible Cartridges

I'm working on a project (currently only on paper) for an improved Kalashnikov-type rifle. One of the things I want to improve is the cartridge (neither 7.62x39mm nor 5.54x39 impress me). I was wondering if anyone knew of other cases (especially longer or fatter ones) that would fit into an unmodified AK bolt, or a place that would be willing to make small runs of such cases. Any ideas?
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There's always the 22 and 6mm PPC cartridges. There is also the 7.62x45.

I don't presently recall the headsize of the 6.5x43 (or whatever the designation of the Remington 6.5 SPC), but it should be close.

If going to the bother of a nw barrel, however, why not modify the bolt face to accept the 308 headsize, and the variety of cartridges developed on that size?

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6mm and .22 PPC are just necked down 7.62x39mm cases. I'm not very familiar with the 7.62x45mm, could you give me some details? The 6.8x43mm is based on the .30 Remington case, so no go. As for the last question, we are trying to keep high parts commonality with the AK47, although that it is an idea to think about.
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i don't like it.
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The 7.62x45 is, essentialy, a lengthened 7.62x39. It was used by the Czechs until the Soviets forced them to use the 7.62x39 instead.

The 30 Remington has, for practical purposes, the same head size as the 7.62x39. The 6.8 SPC will fit an AR action, so likely has a good chance of fitting the AK action as well (43mm case length). I see that I mistyped the 6.8 SPC last time as the 6.5x43 - sorry.

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Many thanks Shoot!
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Re: AK47 Compatible Cartridges

I have built two AK's in .458 SOCOM.

Tony Rumore
Tromix Corp


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