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lead bullets in a m1garand

use of cast lead bullets in spfd. mi garand? lead in gas port comes to mind, i would be using strait wheel wieghts. so pretty hard lead? gas checks? this ammo would be for emergency stores :wink: after load development. thanks
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With gas checks seem to be OK.
Sometimes rounder nosed lead bullets may cause failures to feed.

Also keep in mind that the M1 was designed to work with a VERY specific burn rate powder with 150 to 173 grain bullets.
Use a different burn rate powder and you can do serious damage to the M1.
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It's been awhile, but I knew a gentleman once who was successful with cast bullets in a Springfield M1A. These were a very hard alloy. I don't recall what his recipe was. The point is: it could be done.

Ditto on dfariswheel's comments on powder selection.

As an alternative; CMP is selling Greek surplus .30-06 in clips, on bandoliers, in cans.
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For ammo to be stored, I would not use handloads.
Track down some military stuff.

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