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A fair brand of SKS?

Although I was looking for an AK at a decent price I've come across a Norinco SKS in excellent condition. The deal that I can get on this particular rifle is leaning me in its direction, but I"m wondering if this is a good brand of SKS? I know VERY little about this platform of rifles. Thank you.
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I have a Norinco SKS and it is an excellent piece. They are getting hard to find and pricey. The Norinco is head and shoulders above the Yugoslavian models that are now available. I would jump on it!
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With the exception of the Romanian and the Model M and D, I have owned about every type of SKS. All of them have been more than fair rifles. The Russian, being the first ones, are more expensive, and the Albanains are expensive due to their rarity. All of them are going up in price, but as general rule, the Yugoslavian 59/66 type is still the more affordable. All SKS rifles, with the exception of the Chinese, have milled receivers, whereas the Chinese are stamped. I have not been able to discern that it makes a difference though. About the only difficulty you will commonly experience with an SKS is an occasional gas leak in the gas tube area. If you can, handle before you buy. If the gas tube has a lot of play or wiggle in it, avoid it.
The main key to good SKS performance is complete disassembly and cleaning before using it for the first time.

May I show off? :wink:

This is a modified Yugo 59/66.
(Yes, guys, it IS 922r compliant.)
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The only thing to watch for is that there were a LOT of SKS's imported from China, many marked with the Norinco name, and many of them were pretty bad quality.

Give it a good looking over, and if it looks and shoots OK, it usually IS OK.
Watch for extremely rough milling inside, flaked or pitted chrome lining in the bore, and rust in the gas system.
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My Norinco SKS is butt ugly. Stock which can only be said to resemble an old wooden desk leg. But it's a thumbhole and I like that.

The mag is an AK style, which means I can use my 5 round or 30 round mags. I like that.

Accuracy is good enough and it's absolutely reliable. Words very well with a variety of Wolf ammo and really well with Federal and Winchester factory stuff.
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I've got a YUGO, Norinco, and Russian SKS. All are great solid shooting platforms! My first Russian I bought for $99 new in box at gunshow many years ago. Sold it a few years ago for $350. Then just recently picked up a mint one for $500. They are nicely built and good accurate firearms

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