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FAL sight rail

Since Uncle Sugar and I parted ways I can now pick and choose my gear rather than having it issued to me. I prefer DSA's fixed stock, 18" barrel FAL. Every rifle has its good and bad points. This rifle is no different.

I have to admit to a relatively new love affair with Aimpoints. I was always an iron sight guy until the first time I played with an Aimpoint. I'm now a true believer. The question then is how to marry the FAL with an Aimpoint.

DSA's heavy duty scope mount is HEAVY and has a reputation in some quarters for causing poor accuracy because of the torque it puts on the upper receiver (the fix for this is purported to be removing the front left locking plate). There is the A.R.M.S. #3 mount which is not as heavy as the DSA but still is no lightweight. It doesn't impart the same torque because it uses the standard dust cover mounting method.

Since all I wanted to do was mount a 7oz Aimpoint, I thought these two options were maximum overkill. So I bided my time not really happy with the choices.

Recently, a fellow down in Texas came up with a way to mount a length of Picatinney rail to a standard FAL dust cover. Voila! The perfect mounting solution for my Aimpoint. I've been putting it through its paces for the past several weeks and I'm impressed. It works as advertised. At this point I'd have to say this scope mount is good to go and am thinking about getting another one to hold a glass scope. That way when I want to switch between the red dot and glass all I have to do is swap the entire dust cover / rail / scope assembly rather than having to buy quick release rings and worrying about how repeatable the zero is.

If anyone is looking for a truly lightweight mounting solution for a FAL, contact Brian Brodhead at [email protected].

Here are a couple of pictures of the Aimpoint mounted on the rail:

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