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Worn Finish

Do you remember back in the late '60s some bunch of young bums (oops, I mean "flower children" or "beautiful people") started wearing worn out faded jeans and it became fashionable? Even to this day there are "stone washed", "prestressed", and I-don't-what-all such jeans sold new! Not as popular now though.

Lo and behold! No longer will gun owners be neglected! At least for those who have AR style rifles, there is now the NEW "battle worn" finish! So you too can have the look of an "experienced" gun (experienced through hours and hours of practice and competition anyway) without having to waste hours and hours in actual practice and competition!

DRD Tactical Rifles offers NiB-Battle Worn Finish - The Firearm Blog

Preworn new jeans and preworn new guns. Can life possibly get any better?

Sure some may like the look, but I was immediately reminded of those jeans. For myself, I prefer honest wear or no wear on my guns. YMMV

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Great gobs of gravy!!

1/2 of the people break down in tears if they get the tiniest scratch on their rifle and the other 1/2 will have rifles that look like they went through Fallujah being dragged behind an MRAP.

I have seen people that "distressed" new guns so the people at the range would think they were a real salty gunfighter.

Whatever, to each his own.

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