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One problem with having the same caliber in your rifle as in your handgun is that each may prefer a different round for accuracy, and maybe feed-reliability in the rifle. It's hard to tell these assigned rounds apart in the same caliber. Easy when the rifle is not the same caliber as the handgun. L
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I have an MP-5 and 4 '92s. The '92 was build for the size case that the 44 mag uses. Without going into detail I like the '92 over the Marlin or the Mp-5 for that matter ,considering social occasions, short of a mag change. More power, very fast and good hit probability.

Navy arms offers very good '92 clones, as do others, and the Winchester with the tang safety isn't bad either. All, IMO, beat the Marlin. I wouldn't give you 2 cents for a Model 94 trapper in the pistol calibers. Gun was made to feed and function with a longer 30/30 size case.

I own a custom Rossi '92, two Brownings and a Navy arms. Love the 20" guns but a 16" would be a handy little feller too :grin:

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Gentlemen, wildwest guns has been mentioned, I think a trip to their site would be enjoyable and educational. http://www.wildwestguns.com They are not cheap, I understand that the price is justified by the quaility though. The main reason for my post is the safety issue. Previously I too did not like or even approve of these crossbolt safties. Didn't like the magazine safeties on S and W's or Hi-powers either. I do like them now, and here is why: If someone gets my gun or I have to surrender it (nightmare scenario) then they may not know how to immediately work the safety. I can hit someone or cut someone a whole bunch in the 4-10 seconds it takes them to figure out where that safety is and how it works. I am in favor of confusing safties as long as they are only confusing to the badguy and I know how to work them. I like the old guns better too, but only because the actions seem smoother. Anyway, wild west guns does put out what seems to me to be a really handy little carbine. Gunsite also had a package they did on lever guns that included a decelerator pad, rounding the gun's corners and lever loop. Smoothing the action, refinish and trigger job. I think it came with a buttcuff and a sling also. Anyway, it's not on http://www.gunsite.com anymore but I would imagine they still do it. Good shooting.

PS- Are you sure a shotgun wouldn't better fill the bill? Currently I live in a townhouse, so for me a levergun in an effective cartridge would NOT be the appropriate choice, and a shotgun is. Does your geography warrant this choice for self-defense. Of course if you just want to get one because they are cool then by all means more power to you. good shooting. Jake
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I own several lever guns in calibers .44 through .457 and the "new" Hornandy .450 Marlin, it may be heresy but I actually prefer the Marlin action.
I would venture to say that my Marlin 444SS is my favorite, I used and Ashley Stanag rail and mounted a Leupold 3-9x long eye relief scope on it.
After my last brown bear hunt I have come to prefer Tim's Buffalo Bore 300gr JFP they chrono at 2,140 fps and I can shoot 3rds into 1.5" @ 100 yards with this setup.
I would mention that the .444 can be tough to get ammo for, but the "stock" Remington 240gr SP loads is very effective for deer in my area so it should be a decent defensive carbine if needed.

I know that .444 is "light" for Grizzly, but I shoot it very quickly and accurately.

For this years hunt I have purchased a Wild West Co Pilot in .457 WW Magnum. This gun is matte hard chrome w/16.5" barrel and the "standard" Leupold 2.5x scope.
I purchased it second hand and may swap the scope for a 3-9x.

I have not chrono the ammo yet but, I am told that the 350gr bonded core loads average 2,050fps from the 16.5" barrel.

I would have to agree with DD and second his recommendation not to load the .45Colt model for the .454 Casull.

As a home defense and all around gun I also like my Ashley custom 1894P in .44 Magnum, it hits fairly hard with my chosen Winchester Ranger Talon 250gr .44 Magnum loads for defensive work, it is light, and the ghost rings are very quick.
The 250gr loads average 1,730fps and recoil is practically non-existent to mild in quick fire strings.
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Bought a Marlin 1894P to go with my Red Hawk... exceptionally well made, very accurate... with .44spl there is almost no recoil or muzzle climb at all... with full-house .44 Mag 300gr XTP ammo it's like shooting an SKS... very sweet... only issue is the overall length of the heavier rounds, as this rifle will not reliably feed anything over SAMMI specs in length...

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Hello All , Work has been keeping me way to busy so I am a little late on posting to this subject. I have a 94 trapper in 357 and it has been very reliable with any 357 load I have tried from cowboy loads to jhp, but its record has been terrible with any 38spl load I have tried. It will not feed any 38 for more than a couple of rounds before I get a ftf. I bought 357 because the indoor handgun range I shoot at will not allow the 44mag in rifle because of backstop concerns. I use a red dot sight on it and it is a blast to shoot and should make a respectable house gun .
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Lever Action Carbines are Great!

I own a Winchester Trapper in .357 and a buddy of mine has the same thing in .45 Colt. In retrospect, I feel that I should have gotten the .45 Colt (we already have Marlins in .30-.30 and .35 Rem in our home). As a hand loader, the .45 colt is so much more versitle than either the .357 or .44 mag. Especially when loaded with 300 gr hard cast flat meplat bullets it hits harder than the .44 mag.

However I would never, NEVER NEVER purchase another Winchester! On the first season I owned it, the tab that prevents more than one cartridge from comming out of the magazine (tube) at a time broke and when I levered it, all the cartridges tried to slide into the receiver and jammed up the gun something awful. I took the carbine to the gunsmith at Gander Mountain. He told me that this is a common failure with Winchester carbines. The retaining tab is made out of delicate material and gets worn easily. Unfortunatly, he only had a tab made of similar delicate material to replace my broken one with. He told me that it may very well happen again. Now I don't trust the carbine enough to use it. (If you want a Winchester .357 carbine, I will sell it to you cheap!).

The Marlin does not suffer from this weakness and also has a stronger receiver. I don't know if they make it in .45 Colt, but I'm gonna find out and buy one if they do!
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I have a Marlin in .44 mag and a Winchester in .45 Colt; wouldn't want to part with either one.
The Marlin finally got Nikon glass after many years of a receiver sight. I took a bunch of deer with 240s. With 180 grain reloads, my 90 pound daughter potted a fat doe at 75 yards; went down as if struck with lightning.
The Winchester has a Lyman tang sight, a main reason to love the unloveable crossbolt safety. At least it doesn't screw up mounting a sight, and we've been know to use the crossbolt for administrative handling; crossing fences, getting into tree stands, etc.
I've never had the crossbolt come on by itself, but, as noted earlier, you have to remember to check it.
I now have a Finnwolf in .308. The lever habit is hard to break.
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Hey halfmoonclip,

How long have you had that Winchester? Have you put many rounds through it?

I had my Winchester about 4 months and put several thousand rounds (Cowboy action shooting season) through it, then it broke (as mentioned above).

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experience.
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Originally Posted by Cayoot
Hey halfmoonclip,

How long have you had that Winchester? Have you put many rounds through it?

I had my Winchester about 4 months and put several thousand rounds (Cowboy action shooting season) through it, then it broke (as mentioned above).

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experience.
I have a lot of rounds through mine; never any trouble. Don't know if my round count is as high as yours.
A buddy has a .44 Mag 94 and he managed to break the shell lifter. That isn't the part you had in mind?

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