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No, it's not the lifter, it is the part that prevents more than one shell from being fed (from the tubular magazine) into the action (onto the lift plate).

When that part gave, any time I would work the lever, all the cartridges in the tube would try to go into the action. Because Lifting the lever would initiate this problem, the lever would be up and all of the cartridges would crowd under the shell lifter. This would prevent me from closing the action.

I would then have to disasemble the action to remove the cartridges.

A real pain.
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I grew up with hammer guns and have always found that they are FUN. There is something about working that lever or pump that gives a certain satisfaction unfound in my black guns. Perhaps that is what generates the "romance?"

Here are my thoughts: My .357 Marlin is "paid for" as are the .357 dies. I can hand the .357 to some up and coming shooters we have in the family and have no worries about recoil. I have less back stop problems. Feral dogs are a concern, bears are not. I want a gun I can hand to -ANY- and -EVERY- member of the family in moment of crisis. That means juniors or seniors with health problems, right and left handed, and get hits at fifty to seventy five yards that are "man stopping."

I will not deney that the .44 is more powerful, but hell so is a 20 gauge with slugs. The women folk do not feel comfortable with the slugs...
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I have the 44 mag Marlin 1894P, now discontinued. This gun seems perfect. Smooth action, accurate, only 34" in length. Beautifully made. So politically correct. It's my trunk gun. (I'd just like to cover the ports somehow.)

I also have a Trapper in 44 mag and I like it except the action is not as smooth as the Marlin. (Also have three revolvers in 44 mag. Two Smiths and a Redhawk.)

Someone mentioned shooting the Garretts in a carbine. Don't they recommend against this with the Hammerheads because the bullets are not gas checked?

Thanks. adk
Old 01-16-2006, 04:13 PM   #34
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Lever guns

I own a model 94 and a Marlin 30-30. I would not at all mind a Marlin in 357. Why, coming out of a 20 inch barel you can develop some serious punch. I also like the fact that you can get loads of inexpencive ammo and plink to your harts delight.
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357 vs 44 levergun

The 357 is cheaper to feed (especially with 38 Spl's). Less recoil. Considered borderline for deer hunting. Great for plinking and target work. Handloads will top 2000 FPS out of the barrel however.

The 44 definately has more punch. Can fairly easily do deer sized game.

Get whatever you feel your use will be. It's even better if it matches your wheelgun.

I've a Marlin 1894C (357/38) that I bought new, almost immediately sent it back to the factory with a variety of teething problems. It came back in wonderful shape and makes most trips out to the range with me now. I also consider it my 'go to' gun in case of probems.

Love the handy thing so much, thinking of mating it with one of the new pump action .357's Taurus Thunderbolts.
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I tend to favor my lever guns in rifle calibers - especially 30-30 and .35 Remington. Just on the notion that you might need it to do rifle duty at mid ranges (neither are long range cartridges but they certainly will make matters easier out to 250 or even 300 meters than a pistol cartridge - not that I would not rather have a .308 for such duty).

That said the two magnum handgun cartridges mentioned are nothing to laugh at. Buffalo Bore is making .357 factory loads that are hard on the heels of the .30-30 and even Win. Silver Tips leave the barrel of my Rossi '92 at 1900 fps! I think B.B. is also addressing the .44 now too.

I suspect both would be outstanding performers at normal defense ranges.

Good luck!

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