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ak-47...best buy?

Which one of the following ak-47's should I buy? Basically, I'm looking for a good shooter that will either maintain or increase in value.

1) Poly Tech "National Match" Legend in 90% condition with 1 magazine and sling...$900.00 (milled receiver)

2) Poly Tech "AK-47S" Legend in 100% condition with all factory accessories (NIB)...$1,350.00 (milled receiver)

3) Hungarian AK-47 in 98% condition (blond furniture) with 1 magazine and sling...$1,295.00 (stamped receiver) BEST LOOKING OF THE 4

4) Norinko AK-47 in 90% condition (underfolding bayonett) with 1 magazine and sling...$995.00 (stamped receiver)

fyi, all the aforementioned are pre-ban (1989 importation)

please advise...

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Best buy #3 (also the best AK in my opinion) If this is the full stock version and not an under folder it is a good deal. If I remember correctly there were less of the full stock versions imported than under-folders.

2nd choie: #2 but only because it is NIB with all accessories (fire it and use it it loses that value and once again you're better off with the Hungarian)

3rd choice: #1 $900 for preban polytech legend is a decent price (some may say a good price - I prefer the stamped AKM design so a bit of bias showing here)

Don't wast your money: #4 Norinco AKM (stamped) in 90% condition $995 is a rip off! $750 to $800for one in 90% condition. some may say that is unreasonably low but with todays economy if you are pateint and look in the right places it would show up eventually. At $995, I'd sooner spend half that on a post ban SSR-85C built on an FEG receiver.

Hope this helps
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I own 2 Hungarians and 2 Yugo ak47's. I sold prior to 2001 Ca. ban: 1 Poly Tech NM, 2 Norinco RPD's, and 2 Maadi and Bulgarian milled one(cant remember brand) . The Yugos are the best pure and simple if craftsmanship and beefyness are criteria (they were for me) Hunkys are lightweight and accurate and nicely made. I still have a Yugo .308 Ak variant never fired in an Cottage Grove Oregon gun shop (Valiant Arms) that is worth collecting it also has a rare working infrared sniperscope kit that I found out was felony to posses here in Ca. I think youd be better off investing in this for that price range.
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adh & Gordon,

Thank you kindly for the replies! I ended up purchasing a brand new in the box Hungarian SA 85M with all accessories :lol: It turns out that a friend of mine had one in his personal collection.

Fortunately, I was able to pursuade him into selling it. I immediately jumped on it like flies on a rib roast :P The link below is exactly like mine with the exception of the s/n...obviously.

thanks again in advance!!!


p.s. I ended up paying less than the other one in 98% condition. I would assume a fair price based on your comments?
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