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Is Interstate same as Norinco?

Big 5 has an Interstate 12ga. that appears to be a copy of the Rem 870 for $149.00. Is this the Norinco clone with a different name? I have never heard of Interstate. Any reviews of either would be great. The sale ends next Sunday.
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Norinco sold several "Clone" shotguns under a variety of names.
The 870 clone is sold under Interstate, Norinco, and at least one other that I know of.

General consensus on the Norinco "870" is:
Fair quality, as long as you don't expect American level workmanship, fit, or finish.

SOME Remington parts will interchange.

A good "truck" gun that goes "BOOM" every time you pull the trigger, but not enough time in-market to judge the quality of heat treating and steel, to determine if they will last.

Bottom line: You get what you pay for. You're buying a cheap gun at a cheap price. Don't expect to be getting a Remington, don't expect to have a gun that will last a life time, and you won't be disappointed.
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Yep, its a norinco

I called around during my lunch hour and found out it is a norinco under a different name. I don't care how great of a deal it is, I will not support the chinese military. Just a thought, but how can they get away with such a blatent copy of a gun still in production. Remington should sue.
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I believe Remington's patents have expired on the 870.
This means anybody can make a copy, and there's nothing Remington can do about it.

You might remember the Japanese Howa-made Model 3000 shotgun sold by S&W and later by Mossberg for a few years.
This was also a "clone" of the 870.

You're right about the Chinese military.
The only "Commie" gun I've ever owned is a Bulgarian AK that was made AFTER Bulgaria became free.

As far as I'm concerned, buying Chinese is no different than buying a German Walther in 1936, or Russian shotgun in 1975.
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I have done much business with Interstate over the years. Interstate is a firearms wholesaler in MA. It is a company, headed by 2 brothers that have some contacts in China. Back in the day when AK's were first on scene, they were a heavy importer of China's (Norinco) products, to include Ak's, Sks's, ammo, bayonets, magazines, even a 1911 clone. Now they are working with China's copies of the 1897 Winchester, Remington 870 and some other products. They used to have a warehouse on the west coast and that was often the port of entry for the Norinco units. Their reputation in the business is poor, and they often exploit their contacts. As an example, they do police trades, and they will be more than happy to give your local Police Dept. $100.00 per used Glock duty gun with high cap mags. They then resell the gun for $350.00 with 1 high cap mag and then resell the other 2 high cap mags for $50-75-100.00 each. The sales pitch goes something like this : "what the heck am I going to do with all those worthless Glocks and high cap (pre-ban) magazines ?" and " But I'll take them, just this once if you throw in your confiscated firearms too!" and "I don't know about this? but I already committed to I guess I'll have to swallow this bad deal!!" Really guys, they are like used car salesmen.
But on a lighter note, their 1897 Win. clone is a neat gun. Its somewhat crude but where else can you enjoy the virtues of a 1897 with only a couple hundered bucks.
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Thats a couple hundred bucks.....Sorry
Old 06-29-2004, 09:15 PM   #7
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re: Norinco 870 clones

Interstate is the importer.
IF you are not going to shoot it much, the Norinco would be get what you pay for.
For the extra $ 100..get a Remington that will last a lifetime.
Old 08-31-2004, 01:25 AM   #8
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I agree, buy the real thing...Buy the Remington. The Norinco copies are rather crude in comparison

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