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Remington 870 Rifled Slug Barrel

I have an 870 with rifled slug barrel is it OK to shoot 00 Buck #4 buck and or Light target Shot loads? Or should I invest in another barrel, this shotgun is primarly for Home Defense, but shot a good bit. Please give me some input.
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Rifled shotgun barrels fired with ANY shot type will:
A. Lead up and foul BADLY.
B. Disperse shot wildly.

The rifling isn't intended for shot of any type, and the rifling twist will spray the shot around instead of in a pattern.

The rifling will get fouled with lead very quickly.

In a true HOME DEFENSE gun (that means INSIDE the typical house) the large dispersal of shot MIGHT not be too bad an idea.
The typical shotgun will pattern into about 6-8 INCHES inside most houses, and it's surprisingly easy to actually MISS the target.

A rifled barrel disperses the shot faster, and will give larger "patterns" inside. You will have to test the individual gun/ammo to see what you get.

While the barrel will still lead up, this wouldn't be a problem in most HD situations.

However, best bet: Buy an extra 18" to 20" smooth-bore barrel.
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Remington 870 18" barrel

Anyone know where I can find or purchase an 18" Smooth bore barrel for my 870? Let me know!
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Re: Remington 870 18" barrel

Originally Posted by Patrolman175
Anyone know where I can find or purchase an 18" Smooth bore barrel for my 870? Let me know!
Brownells (I recently bought an 18" IC, parked, rifle sight bbl from them) and directly from Remington.

For Remington you have to browse their pdf parts catalog to get the stock number as it's not listed on their site.

-Another good possibility is Hans Vang. I know they buy lots of 870 bbls to use for their Vang Comp system. I heard they just got a bunch of bbls in last month.
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Re: Remington 870 18" barrel

Originally Posted by Patrolman175
Anyone know where I can find or purchase an 18" Smooth bore barrel for my 870? Let me know!
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They carry used equipment.

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Shot Loads In Rifled Barrels?

I seriously doubt you'll have any leading issues in the rifled barrel, IF the buck-shot is surrounded by a proper shotcup - as it should be. What really happens, is the shotcup gets to spinning before the load actually emerges from the barrel and this leads to the shot dispersing very rapidly - maybe somehthing you desire in a home protection scenario?

There's some specialty loads you should know about if you like using a rifled barrel in your 870...

Dixie Slugs offers two different FULL BORE, HARD CAST slugs - the Terminator weighing 740gr, and the Predator weighing 563gr. The Terminator is for dangerous game or law enforcement uses when you need extreme penetration. The Predator can be used in either a fully rifled barrel or a smoothbore with cylinder (.729 bore) to improved cylinder (down to .725" bore) barrels.
There's also a "Tri-Ball" load of three massive 58 caliber musket balls in a single 12ga shell.

Most Dixie Slugs loads are available in 3" shells, but they also offer some 2-3/4" loads as well.

Formerly known as the Dixie Hog Cruncher Load - kills'em, guts'em & skins'em when it connects!

"Why the Tri-Ball?……….. Dixie Slugs Tri-Ball is a new concept for a load for heavy cover on large game. It combines the best of the single ball load and buckshot. It consists of three .570" round ball inside of a thick wall plastic wad and can be used in both rifled and smoothbore barrels. In smoothbore barrels, a Full choke will give the smallest spread.

For all practical purposes, it is like shooting three .570 caliber rifles at once at game.

We suggest its use be held to a maximum of 60 yards, in heavy cover, in a smoothbore barrel. Many have found it accurate out to 100 yards in rifled barrels.

All in All, it is a specialized round and is devastating on game within its designed range. "

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I saw a clean 18" Remington barrel on Ebay just a few minutes ago. You might check there.
(Jan. 17th-2200 hours)

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