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Need info - Smith & Wesson pump shotgun

I found a Smith & Wesson 12 gauge pump shotgun at a shop today. It was in VERY good shape (just needs a new forearm as it's cracked a little on the left side), and priced right. Problem is, I didn't even know S&W made shotguns until I ran across a mention of it in a forum post on-line a couple of days ago! I know less than nothing about them, so I need some help.

I am looking for whatever info I can get on them: Availability of parts, sources, history of S&W shotguns, exploded drawings, disassembly instructions, etc. I really need to know how to take it apart to clean it, and also where I can get a fore end for it (or, if one from another shotgun model/make will fit it, with or without modification).

Sorry, I don't have much info about it right now. All that I know about it is: 26" or so barrel, pump action, 12 gauge (takes 2 3/4" or 3" shells) wood stock & forearm w/ checkering in some areas, blued finish w/ a gold-tone trigger. If it's needed, I can call the shop next week to have them read it's markings to me over the phone, if that will help. I don't even have a model number off of it right now, though.

Any and all info on this subject will be greatly appreciated!! I think I got a good shotgun, but I need some info on it.
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There were three S&W shotguns.

The first was the ill-fated Model 916A and 916T.
The 916 was supposedly made for S&W by Howa of Japan.

This was a copy of the old Nobel shotgun, and was an absolute disaster for S&W.
The 916 suffered from poor quality control, and just a plain BAD design. It did serious damage to S&W's reputation, and was quickly discontinued.

A later gun was made by Howa, and this was the S&W Model 3000 pump. This was a "clone" of the Remington 870 pump gun.

At the time, S&W was attempting to corner the Police market.
They already were the major police pistol maker, and they were offering lines of ammunition, holsters, handcuffs, and other police supplies.

They thought they could take the police market away from Remington's 870 with the Model 3000.

For a brief time, the 3000 did have somewhat of a "cult" following among individual police officers, but Remington had, (and still has) the police shotgun market sewed up, with 95% PLUS of the market.

Few departments bought the Model 3000, mostly because they trusted the Remington 870, and had been badly burned by the infamous Winchester Model 1200/1300 fiasco.
Mostly, the Model 3000 just didn't have anything "extra" to offer over the time-tested Remington.

Within a few years, S&W dropped the ammo, and holsters to "Get back to their Core business of making pistols".
S&W also dropped the S&W/Howa Model 3000, which Mossberg picked up for a year or so, eventually dropping it also.

The third S&W shotgun was the Howa-made Model 1000 auto shotgun.
It too failed to gain a market over the Remington Model 1100, and when S&W dropped the 3000, the 1000 went with it.

Again, Mossberg picked it up for a year or so, then dropped both, and the Howa Model 1000/3000 faded into oblivion.

Parts for the S&W models, 916, 1000, and 3000 can still be bought from Gun Parts Corporation, including some Police accessories like folding stocks, magazine extenders, and barrels for the 3000.

Since the Model 3000 is a clone of the Remington 870, a Remington manual can be used to strip it.
A Remington manual can be found here:

If the gun you saw was the 916.....PASS.
If it was a 3000, these make fine shotguns.
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I had a S&W/Howa 3000. It was set up just like the 870. However, the stock kept on working loose with normal carry despite repeated tightening. It was fine otherwise. I've seen 3000 trade-ins listed at KY Imports.
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Thanks for the info!

Unfortunately, I believe that the shotgun I put a deposit on was a 916. It looks exactly like a 870, though. Maybe I'm wrong...

I'm going to call the shop today, and ask them exactly what model it is. If it truly is a 916, I'm going to probably trade it for something else soon. At least if it works, I'll have something to learn how to shoot a shotgun with. If not, no big deal, as I'm not out a bunch of money...

I'll find out what exactly I have and post what I find out.
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Well, it's official - It really is a 916:

Smith & Wesson 12 Gauge Pump-Action
Eastfield Model 916
S/N# B099XX

If you have a little more info, please explain WHY this is considered a piece of junk? What exactly was the problem with these? Can anything be done to make them reliable, and safe?

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