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Is anyone in here

Does no one visit this sight. Come on guys. I commented on a subject that was really old and only one person noticed. Some one has to have a shotgun to talk about.

I recently picked up a Higgins bolt action 26 gauge for 40 bucks. The bore in this gun is awesome. I polished the gun down to a 400 grit and blued the gun. I refinished the stock with truoil and gAve it a good hand rub. What a nice old weapon. These old guns were made by good companies and are usually well made. These old farm bungs bring back a lot of memories to a lot of folks.

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Not been very busy here for a few years now.
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Not sure if yours is one since maybe more than one maker, but High Standard once made bolt action shotguns for Sears. Not sure if HS ever sold any under their own Hi Standard brand.

Incidentally, if you are familiar with Liberty United Methodist Church on Hwy 414 between the covered bridge and Hwy 14, my father pastored there for one year 1956-57.
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...well, it IS the "pistol smith" forum after all ;-)

I've got an old 20 gauge Mossberg bolt action with a two round magazine and outboard screw on chokes laying around somewhere. I got it for free about 40 years ago. I managed to get three shots off at a covey of quail once, and dropped two (better to be lucky than good). Good conversation starter, but not so well suited to the shooting I do these days.

I've become partial to my O/U's for sporting clays and field work, though I still use a pump for the wet birds. I can keep on rackin' mine while my buddies are trying to thaw out their new fangled automatics.
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I have a Moss 500 Persuader Pistol Grip 12 gauge pump shotgun.

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