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Ithca 37

I have a Ithaca 37,12 gauge, 20 inch barrel, 4 shot tube,military,I need to replace the magazine tube spring. Can I use a Moss. 500 spring?
Thanks hvymech
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Due to the sizes of shotgun magazine tubes, most springs have to be pretty much the same general size.

Differences would be in the length of the magazine tube, meaning a spring can be longer or shorter.
I'd compare the original spring to a Mossy spring and check for length, spring size, and number of coils.

Other option is to just cut to the chase and buy a new genuine Ithaca mag spring direct.
That way you know it's the correct spring.
Price is cheap.....
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Choate makes mag extensions and have replacement springs.. try to check here or directly at Choate

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