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Best (and coolest) pump shotgun for home defense use?

First off, I'm not a shotgun guy (lot's of 1911's though), but I was thinking about buying a shotgun for home defense.

Rather than just buying a cheap, reliable pump, I'd like to buy one that is a really cool defense shotgun, in addition to being utterly reliable. And I don't mind spending a little more money to get that.

I've never fired a shotgun and wonder if 12 gauge would be too much for me, or if it would be easy to master with a little practice. Would a lesser caliber (16 gauge, or 20 gauge) still be a great defense shotgun? Or should I only consider 12?

What is a really cool AND reliable make and model of defense shotgun? I saw a cool black Benelli pump (not sure of model #) in my local gunshop and I've seen a few cool Wilson's (Remington 870 magnums in 14" and 18")... but I don't know a thing about them as far as reliability and quality goes.... and I don't trust the gunshop salespeople. What would you buy? Brand? Model? Length? Gauge? Action type? Custom Features? Thanks for the help!
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Home defense shotgun

I am assuming you are not an LEO, and you are not going to be doing anything else with this gun. I would go with

If you want a multi-function gun. But an 11-87 and get a short replacement barrel. Then you can have a gun for clay targets, and still throw a short barrel on there for home defense.
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A 18 inch 12 or 20 gauge Remington 870 should serve you well. A house gun doesent need a lot of add ons. Maybe a side saddle shell carrier.

If you are willing to pony up the extra $200 and your cheif of police or sheriff will sign off on a form 4, go with a 14 inch 870.
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just picked up a mossberg 590A1 12ga with bayonet lug, mossberg ghost ring sites, 20 inch barrel, shoots 2 3/4, 3 inch shells, parkerized finish. its a little to big for my 4'11'' wife to use, so a shorter buttstock is in the future. overall it is very sweet looking, handling and shootin shotgun!
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My wife gave me a Browning A-5 12g over 30 years ago. It has hunted deer with slugs, before I bought my rifles. It has and still hunts Turkeys, Dove, and Quail. It is also by the bed for home defence. It once killed a Bobcat years ago. It is not Cool: no short barel, rifle sights etc. It is the most useful gun I have owned....Life is full of choices. Remington makes a good shotgun today. :wink:
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I bought a good used 870,sent it to Wilson for their REMINTON/STEAL package.......just got it back and my shoulder is sore from shooting it . The gun shoots/works great, shoots to p.o.a. and it alot of fun just shooting...hence my sore aways Wilson does it again!!!
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I've got an old 870 police trade-in that is a little rusty and crusty. It has some police department name and a number stamped on the stock and receiver. The action is smooth as glass from the countless number of times it has been cycled.

Sure, I have a couple of custom 870s that are nice and pretty but it would be a pleasure and a fitting honor for this old warrior shotgun to send a burglar to Valhalla with it.
Old 08-01-2002, 05:02 PM   #8
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Although not a pump, I've got a Beretta FP1201 which is very reliable and although recoil operated, recoil is quite manageable. It is also good size for home defense shotgun.

I fired a folding stock Benelli M3 the other day, which is a pump and semi auto, and is definitely up there in the "coolness" stakes, and comes with an excellent reputation for reliability.

Recoil on any 12 gauge is easily manageable, but of course that really depends on how much you shoot one, and what you shoot in it. I'll happily shoot 100 rds or so of light target loads through my 1100, but I would not be so happy to shoot 100 rds of the same with the FP1201, 25 rds is enough for me, and less than that if slugs or 00 etc.

I would try and shoot a 12 guage and you'll be surprised how easy the recoil is to manage, especially on just a few shots.

Generally speaking, recoil operated guns like the Benelli and FP1201 will kick more than gas operated semi autos, although they generally tend to be more reliable.
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I like my Mossy 590 from Hans. You might give either the 870 or the 590 a look.
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The Mossberg 590A1 is the official shotgun of the Sidearmor shop!

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