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Old 04-14-2005, 11:12 AM   #11
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I actually started out as a SIG fan -- it was the first handgun I picked up that made me understand 'fits the hand'. (The S&W M410 I had previously went away VERY RAPIDLY to get that SIG 229).

I've only recently come to appreciate 1911s. (There's an admission that'll get me flamed!). And now I have two of each -- Kimber CDP Series I, Springer, SIG P220, SIG P229. And two out of those four are currently out for a little work -- the P229 with Arizona Response Systems and the Springer at Yost-Bonitz.

The 220 is one of the aforementioned CDNN guns -- not nickeled, but plain black with night sights. Seemed to me to be an amazing value; it was in super shape when I got it from them.
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Old 04-17-2005, 10:27 PM   #12
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Well, yes and no.
I like H&K, SIG, and all that, but when are they going to come out with a full size 10mm?
My dan wesson 1911s (In commander and full length.) all seem to do just fine in 10mm, why can't the big guys make 'em?
How about a nice P220 in 10mm, or a CZ97b in 10mm with more power, a slimmer grip and a couple more in the mag, or a single stack model, or a full size USP 10mm, or a thinner gripped G20 that takes single stack mags, or.......
Old 06-24-2005, 06:01 PM   #13
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switched duty weapon from 1911 to SIG226 this week.

The Sig is a tack driver, out 150 rounds fired from ranges of 7 yds to 25 yds only had 5 flyers, otherwise could have driven a truck through the 9 and 10 rings on the target.

The gun has the tritium nite-sites and is absolutely dead on accurate, blows my 1911 away (did I really just say that???)
Old 06-27-2005, 10:44 AM   #14
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1911/SIG Fans (also attn. Blackstone)

Howdy all,

Well, I was a late bloomer to Sigs. I started with revolvers first, then moved on to 1911's, a Taurus, HiPowers, Glocks, and various others.

While I love my SIGS, custom HiPower, and Glock, I am still a fan of the 1911. I have a SA 1911 Loaded model in 9mm that I am really enjoying lately. Shooting offhand at 25 ft with about 1/2 sec. splits (don't have a timer, just a rough estimate) tearing the center out of the target is no problem. A fun gun (see my other posts here on it). Right now, I think that it just needs to have have the extractor tweaked just a smidge, as it is only about 99% reliable (about one stoppage per Win. White Box 100 rds packs). I also have a custom SA in 38 Super that is an awesome piece, though not shot nearly as much. It is a genius of design and extremely shootable. There is a reason why it dominates almost all competitions.

That being said, ol Slabsides is not perfect and it definitely one of the higher maintenance pieces out there. You can obtain a Glock with night sights for less than six bills and it could be all the gun you ever need, no tweaking required. A Sig for less than seven (less than six if you get one of the refurb. units) and have the same deal. A 1911 that is 100% right out of the box, unless you get into the 4 figure guns seems to be something of a bit of luck. Even some of the high $$ units can choke as well. Are they out there? Of course, but less common that other quality designs I think.

I've said it on here before. When I want something that just works, I buy a Sig or a Glock. When I buy a 1911, I expect there to be some tweaking required down the line, be it sight adjustment, reliability work, or other.

Also, attn. Blackstone: Don't want to change the subject here, but you mentioned you had a Sig (229?)off to Arizona Response Systems for some work. Could you elaborate on what you're having done? Is it back yet? I'm guessing I wouldn't be the only one here to appreciate a report. Thanks.

Stay Safe,
Old 06-27-2005, 11:00 AM   #15
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SIG 229 @ ARS

Originally Posted by BOSS

Also, attn. Blackstone: Don't want to change the subject here, but you mentioned you had a Sig (229?)off to Arizona Response Systems for some work. Could you elaborate on what you're having done? Is it back yet? I'm guessing I wouldn't be the only one here to appreciate a report. Thanks.

Stay Safe,
It's actually not back yet; it's slowly heading towards the top of the list, though and I'm sitting on my hands and being patient since they're slammed with FAL work. (Go figure).

I'm having the ATP package done; the gun already has XS big dot sights but I've shot it ... a lot (no log book here) over the years and it's a little tired.

So basically trigger, refinish in metalcote, dehorn, reliability package, target crown on the barrel.

I'll write more when I get it back and before my girlfriend kills me; too many custom guns at about the same time.

-- Charlie
Old 06-27-2005, 07:44 PM   #16
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Arizona Response Systems for SIGS


I was interested in Arizona Response Systems (ARS) for doing some work on one of my 220's (before I found and eventually went with the gent I finally used, which I do not regret for a second, he did a primo job--> see my other post). But ARS did seem to have a fairly decent package on their cite and a decent price. However, I had heard mixed reviews on them, founded or not. Some were very positive, but some less so.

I think there are a lot of Sig owners on this forum that will be interested in your review/comments once you get it back. FWIW's worth, when I corresponded with ARS, they were quoting turn around times of less than 2-3 months IIRC. But that was awhile back.

Let us know. Also, the Yost gun will probably perk a few's interest as well.

Stay Safe,
Old 08-21-2005, 07:45 PM   #17
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Every Sig I have fired had a creepy single action trigger. This has kept me from joining the ranks of Sig owners/afficianados. The stamped sheet metal slides also put me off. I shoot mostly 1911s and clones and have been spoiled by their ergonomics and great triggers. When I need a D/A auto, I grab an S&W 6906 or a 4516-1; great triggers and sights (Novaks).
Old 08-22-2005, 07:54 AM   #18
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Hey Gammon! Have you taken a look at the P229? It has a forged slide, and is very robust.
I know how you feel about the trigger, but that can be adressed by the SIG performance shop.
I understand that for the coin you lay out for a SIG, you should get a good trigger, but when
you figure that most go to LE, you'll get a lawyer trigger.
Old 02-22-2006, 09:50 AM   #19
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I'm one...

Have Colt's and Springfield Armory...all basic Mil-spec types...but did a cquire a NSW Navy P-226...beautiful piece.
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I like all high quality products - Sigarms included.

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