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sig 229 barrel swap

i had just bought a 229 in 9mm and was wondering if i could swap the barrels to the bigger 40 & 357 ? one of the guys at the gun store i bought it from said it could be done, i just wanted to find out more before i spend the money on it. any info will be greatly appreciated. thank you
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You can go from .40 to 9mm but not the other way.
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you can go from 40/357 to 9mm if you by a conversion barrel. Factort 9mm barrels would not work in a 40 cal 229. Barsto makes ans sells the conversion barrels for 200 bucks. Sory that the sales guy misinformed you.
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I have an old original Sig P229 .40 S&W (bought in 1993).

Can I replace the old .40 barrel with a new Sig factory .357 SIG barrel?

I know it can be done with new P229's but will the new .357 barrel swap into an older P229?

And if that can be done, will the old 12-rd. Pre-Ban .40 S&W magazines work with .357 SIG ammunition?

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Re: sig 229 barrel swap

I'm pretty sure the P229 hasn't changed since it was introduced, so you should be able to switch barrels. Call Sig
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@ Jim Watson

You're right you can take a .40 to a 9mm (I have done it twice) but not take a 9mm to a .40.

Here's my Sig P226 X5 that I fitted with a Bar-Sto 9mm barrel

It shoots like a champ.

@ joedel

I know 2 people that have added new .357 barrels to older .40 cal.

Both have not had a problem that I'm aware of.

I would ask a Sig Armorer to be sure.


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