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Novice Question

I'm relatively new to firearms, my experience limited to hunting with my muzzleloader. I'm also new to the area I'm now living in, and am still in the process of finding a local gunsmith/store.

I just purchased a Sig P220 .45 ACP, my first handgun. It is 8 years old, but appears to be well cared-for. However, I'd like to have a gunsmith examine it and give his expert opinion. What are some of the things to look for in determining whether my Sig is in good working order? I realize this is a pretty basic question, but I really am coming to gun ownership late in the game. Thanks for any and all replies!
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Well at eight years old it should be just about broken in.

There isn't much to check out on a 220. You might want to replace the springs, but initailly I'd just take that sucker to the range and enjoy the hell out of it.
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You can send it to Sig & they will clean, inspect, & replace all the springs as a package for $75 plus shipping. ... e-List.pdf
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I am with Jim R.
There is not much chance a second hand name brand pistol will require anything but a little oil and a lot of ammunition.

I am NRA Mechanically Inept, but I still think the internet and gunzine recommendations to find a gunsmith or send a gun back to the factory at the drop of a hat are overdone.

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