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Conversion kit for P220

New lurker here. Just found this forum today. How polite you guys are. That's nice.

Anyway, here is my question. The pistol I really like is the P220 stainless match with the target trigger. However it only comes in 45 and I want to shoot 9mm. Does anyone know if (a) there is a conversion kit to 9mm for this gun or, (b) can a pistolsmith do a conversion for me.


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I have never seen one, but I understand that Sig made the P220 in .38 Super at one time. Check your Internet sites and maybe you can find one. I would imagine that would be the best/easiest way to go.

Good Luck, Buddy
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Yup, With a liner in the mag and a barrel change the 38 super has been converted to 9mm
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A P226 9mm barrel fits the P220 38 Super. 38 Super mag works OK but not perfect.

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The 220 was originally designed as a 9mm Para when it replaced the Sig 210 as the Swiss Service Pistol. That said I dunno on conversions with the extractor... I personally love the 220 and if I wanted one in 9mm I'd probabely try to find one configured by the factory. It will likely have a European butt heal magazine release as I don't know how many 9mm "American" 220s were made... You could always go to to a 226, however, it is nowhere near as ergonomic as the 220 to my hand. The 225 is a comfortable smaller single stack 9mm that you may consider as well...fwiw & imho

Regards, Matt Garrett.

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