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New to pistols

Hey guys, waiting for my pistol permit to come back in (upstate NY) and still have a couple months wait till i get it so i was starting to shop around now for a pistol. Deffinetly leaning toward either a SIG, Kimber or Springfield. I'm not new to guns, just pistols. I know I dont want a .22 and would probably like bigger than a 9mm. But the reason i am posting is ide like to have your input on what model sig would be good for me... I'm pretty sure i dont want the double action sig without the cocking hammer, and do they all come in 4.40" barrels? the longer the better i say ops: Is there a big price difference in ammo between the .9mm, .40 , 45 and .357? Price on ammo is also a decent factor for me. Was looking at a used Sig .45 at Gander mountain today for $570, didnt even looked used, would that be a decent price? Sorry about the 20 questions, just want to be happy with my purchase if im going to spend this much money on something. Thanks.

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You didn't mention how you intend to use the pistol. Personal protection, competition, plinking, or everything.

The price of factory ammunition is very expensive and there is a big jump as you go up in caliber. There are still some relative inexpensive buys on 9 mm ammo for practice. Good defense ammo is costly in all calibers.

If you can't afford to buy practice ammo, you won't be able to hit anything consistently. The 9 mm with the right ammo is as deadly as anything.

You are the only one to make the decision on which gun is right for you. My only suggestion is for you to buy a 9 mm and practice with it until you are competent. Then practice some more.

Good Luck, Buddy
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Probably the last thing that im thinking of as a use for the gun will be self defense. We cant conceal them in my county at all. The reason im leaning toward a .45 is because ive shot a Glock 9mm and a Ruger 9mm then shot a Kimber .45 then a springfield .45... instantly I wanted a .45 over a 9mm. At first I was looking at a .40cal since ive shot my friends Stoeger .40 and liked it, but then compared ammo price and decided its really almost the same price to shoot .45. I guess i'll just have to hold a bunch of guns and see which one "feels" right for me, that will probably be the biggest deciding factor. Just not sure what the price range is supposed to be for pistols. I'll keep ya posted.

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If you are going to use it for practice and such the nine make sense. If you like your buddies Kimber .45 acp, Kimber makes a great 9 mm 1911 pistol (Target II). I have one and It has had many thousands of rounds through it. As a matter of fact, I will shoot it in a steel match this coming weekend. It is easy to shoot well with light recoil and a flat trajectory.

As far as price is concerned...take a look at You can compare many different guns from different retailers and get an idea of price. I have bought a couple off of that site and they were good deals.

Good luck, Buddy
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If you liked the feel of your buddies 1911 .45's, then I hate to tell you that a SIG 220 .45 is gonna shoot/feel different. Mainly it's a much lighter gun and will therefore have more perceived recoil, unless you go with one of the stainless versions, and still it will feel a bit different. If you're dead set on getting a SIG, then I'd suggest a 226 or 229, maybe a 228 if you can find one. Gander seems to run the used 225's on sale for about $399 IIRC. Go to a shop and hold a few, see which fits you the best, then figure out which caliber you can afford to shoot. Nine mm is by far the cheapest, then .40 S&W, then .357 SIG and .45 ACP duke it out for most expensive.
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Haven't held a SIG yet, not dead set on anything right now really, going to hold a SIG this week and see how it feels. Wish we had someplace where we could try out pistols before buying them, nothing around here like that that I'm aware of. Just so many options to choose from

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Move to Texas. :wink:
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So if its just for target shooting, I would recommend whatever you like. If you like the hard kick and the loud boom and the giant hole of a .45 then buy a .45

The 220 is a great .45 it is light weight and fires well. If you are partial toward the 1911 I would recommend anything but rock island really... Springfield makes a decently priced medium quality 1911 Colt 1911s are alittle more and Kimber is just plain not cheap. But your best bet is to fondle a few for a while, rack the slides, try a mock draw and see how it feels. Can you whip it up and on/near where you want to shoot or when you pull it out does it feel like you are going to fling it out the window. It all has to do with the way your body deals with the weight and can control it.

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