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FTF 229

Hey all,
I went to the range today with a friend.We both shoot Sigs.229 for him 226 for me.Both .40's.The 229 had a fresh mag ,fired 1 round then jamed a fresh round between the slide & the fram.The gun was bought used,but looks to be in great shape.I have never had the first hickup with my 226.I have never seen a Sig jam for any reason before..Any thoughts on why..Like I said the 229 is a used gun.Could it be a weak spring in the magazine or any other thoughts would be helpfull
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Re: FTF 229

I just finished fixing one of these. Take a look at the frame where it meets the ramp of the barrel. On the one that I had, the right side of this small moon shaped elipse on the frame was off center to the barrel ramp. I had to recut the right side of the elipse so that it was more centered with the barrel ramp. And I also had to give this elipse a good polishing along with the barrel ramp. Check both of them and make sure there are no horizontal machining marks on either the barrel ramp or elipse in the frame. After fixing the frame to ramp cut on the frame and a good polishing, it feeds like a machine gun! It would not hurt to replace the recoil spring and the mag spring. This is just normal manintanance. Anytime to buy a used auto pistol the first thing to do is replace all of th springs that you can get to. On this gun I also had to replace the firing pin and hammer spring. It was getting some light strikes in single mode. After inspecting the firing pin it was buggered on the end and a new hammer spring never hurts. Now it runs like a raped ape and spits out the rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger. You have to watch buying the used Sigs. A lot of them have served on police and range duty and can be pretty tired.

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Re: FTF 229

Thank you Jess,
I figured all the old springs should be replaced.I'll have to get my friend to put in an order of new springs .
I will also check the feed.I'm not a gunsmith so if it is a problem as you decsribed I'll have to find one to do the work.
Thank you for your insight.


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