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Originally Posted by cohee View Post
If I was smoking Cohibas at 8 bucks a pop and drinking Blue Moon, it would probably be the same. She is upset that I am enjoying myself, period.

Interesting sidenote. I was in a bar the other night with my 24 year old niece and her friend. They were making fun of a couple of guys at the bar drinking Coors Light. They thought the guys must be gay for drinking Coor's light. In this politically correct world, it is amazing that a 20 something (male or female) would have the stones to joke about something like this. Maybe things aren't as bad as we think.
Cohee, if ya couldn't have sex with them (didn't wanna use the ''F'' word), there'd be a BOUNTY on them ! ! ! Your story DOES give me hope for the young generation...........
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