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Mosquito Fun

[attachment=0:8cjduozx]sigmosquito.jpg[/attachment:8cjduozx]Just broke in a Mosquito that I plan to use to start teaching my boys. What a fun and accurate .22LR. Way better than a Ruger or Smith. Plus it functions like a full fledge SIG so the boys will be able to transition to other firearms and have a familiar layout and feel.

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Re: Mosquito Fun

Just How or in What Way is this Mosquito way better than a Ruger or Smith....I've got Rugers and Smiths I'll shoot against it anyday...Accuracy or reliabilty or both.....familiar layout and feel????? SIGS???....I see very few Sigs runnin' in USPSA.....Every Sig I've seen is overated and over priced

Bill Caldwell
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Re: Mosquito Fun

Lighten up Francis and reread the post. I am teaching a 9 year old with it. And yes it is more familiar than a Ruger 22 as far as slide, safety, cocking..... etc. So when he graduates to my 1911's, H&K, SIG, Browning HiPower he will have an easier time making the transition.He will be more comfortable with the layout and operation than coming from a Mark III. I respect your opinion Bill. You are very knowledgeable but your opinion is not the end all be all of firearms. Don't be such a buzz kill.

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Re: Mosquito Fun

Me lighten up??.....Come on Chris, You get on this forum and down two of the finest semi auto 22 cal pistols ever built and think I won't come back at You.....You've got to be dreamin'.....Do You Think this Sig is or ever could be equal to a Smith & Wesson Model 41?...The Ruger with a bull barrel? ....You think This Sig will ever win the matches a 41 or Mark ll had won? I don't think it could ever beat either one, One time......Again You are the one Who came on here downin' the Smith and the Ruger.

If You have plans to transition You children to a 1911 ....You might try gettin' them a Colt Ace or one of Marvel's conversion Kits

Bil Caldwell
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Re: Mosquito Fun

Not going to get in the middle of this spirited exchange. My 22 is a High Standard. It's too heavy to train kids though. Got a Walther p-22 for that. It's little and I start my kids young.
Bill does have a point relative to transitioning the kids to centerfires. The Sig Sauer controls are just different. If they're going to transition to a Sig Sauer, fine. If you're steering them toward a 1911, a 22 conversion on an alloy frame might be the way to go. Some of the slim concealment grip panels might help with hand size issues.
Just a thought.
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I own several .22 hand guns.

My Pink Sig Mosquito is a lot of fun and a fine weapon indeed

I bought it for my daughter ... it was perfect for her.

She's "graduated" to my larger guns and I now probably shoot it more than she does.

I hope you have as much fun as we did / do with ours.


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