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value of 228

I have a 228 with night sights, made in Germany in 1990. what is it worth or how can I go about determining it's value?
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Old 01-20-2013, 07:40 PM   #2
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I paid 500 for mine.

That was a while back and the 228 came with some crappy leather and a few W.German mags. It was a good buy.

Its been messed with since then and has had new internal springs, a short, and short re-set trigger. That too was money well spent.

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Update: For my amusement I took my 228 into my LGS for trade-in value... only $375.

Guess I'll be keeping it.
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Dealers offer much less then a gun is actually worth.
They have to make a profit, so they low-ball it.
Some dealers REALLY low-ball it figuring that if you bite, that's your problem.

Do a search on for Completed Auctions to see what they have been selling for.
Then drop that about 10% and see if any local gun shops do consignments.
You get a lot more that way.
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Just for discussion purposes, are the night sights original (and pretty dim by now) or did you have the tritium vials replaced?

Night sights seem to be an item that don't really hold much value when selling or trading off.
Old 11-25-2015, 11:16 AM   #6
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Yes, they are the original night sights and they are dim. I have painted around the vial in the front sight with white appliance paint to get me by for now. I was contemplating a full upgrade for the pistol (new sights, SRT, E2 Grips) and didn't know if I should just trade in for a similarly spec'd 229 or M-11A1. Was told since that Sig was reintroducing the 228 and 225 that the old ones were free falling in value.

I really like this 228 and use it for my EDC, just wanted to do some upgrades. At least it's nothing I have to do.

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