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p226 help

I just got a brand new Sig p226 in 9mm. If I use standard 115 grain hardball, the brass lands 1' away from my feet. If I put an absolute death grip on it with elbows locked tight, it goes about 3'

The Winchester NATO spec 124 grain ejects about 3' with a normal grip.

This seems like really weak ejection. Is this normal?
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judge sam
Brother, the NATO Spec 124 gr. FMJ is actually rated above plus P in operating pressure. Most would contest that this is +P+ ammunition. It is loaded to higher pressures, to operate out of submachine guns with more reciprocating mass in their bolts.
Since this ammunition is loaded to higher pressure, you have increased slide velocity.
As the slide in your pistol, reciprocates to the rear at a greater speed, the subsequent ejection is faster and more violent. Hence the further travel from the pistol, upon ejection.
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Instead of saying what's going through my head, I'll say this. I realize that higher pressure ammunition makes the slide reciprocate harder. That's why I bought it.

This is Winchester factory ammo, and it isn't loaded to +p+ spec. Neither is NATO ammo because that would tear those Berettas apart.

My question was, is that normal performance for a Sig p226.
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If this were me, I really wouldn't worry about it. If the gun is running good and delivering performance you pay the extra money to get from a Sig, I wouldn't care how far the brass flies.

I get all different ejection distances out of my 226 depending on what I'm feeding it. If there are no deformities in the spent brass, I'm not sure there is a problem.
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I worry when the brass sort of just rolls out the side of the gun and lands at my feet. That means it's barely cycling under perfect conditions, with no dust or anything flying. That means it wouldn't take much to stop it cycling.

BTW, here's a little update on the gun. It's now on its way back to Sig. After 200 rounds total through the gun, the trigger stopped resetting. It remained at the rear of its travel. I had to manually reset it. Tried it a few times to make sure some debris wasn't causing it.
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Not much first ahnd Sig knowledge here. However I have noticed that the newest generation of Glocks, S&Ws, etc. seem to be a little oversprung when new. friends tell me the same about Sig Sauer and the FN polymer guns.

Maybe its in response to perceived complaints of longevity? I don't know.

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