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Extended Slide Stop and Safety for Sig 1911 Nightmare

Just purchased a Sig 1911 Nightmare and want to change out the stock slide stop and safety for parts that are extended. I know quite a few folks make them, but does anyone know of parts I can purchase that will not need any fitment?
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Slide stops almost never require any fitting at all.
Those that do are usually non-spec over-sized pin parts specifically intended to be hand fitted.
A standard spec part will just drop in unless the gun or the part is out of spec.

Safeties ALWAYS require careful fitting.
Typically all safeties are made over-sized in the lug area that engages the flat area of the sear.
Fitting can run from a few strokes with a stone to major work to get the safety to snap on and off with more or less force needed.
I've seen gun and safety combinations that the safety shaft wouldn't go through the holes in the frame and grip safety or the safety wouldn't lie flush on the frame.

This is something you don't want to stint on. Unless the safety is fitted just right it can be totally unsafe, to too hard to engage, to so loose it won't stay on in a holster.

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