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Old 03-13-2002, 01:37 AM   #1
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I'm considering buying a Sig P229 .40. Now, I carried a Sig P229 .40 as my service weapon for 6 months before my department switched to the Sig Pro 2340 .40. I really didn't shoot it that much maybe a total of 800 rounds through it before it was turned in. I was talked with a shooter who said that he owned a P229 in .40 and that he went through 4 frames after cracking the rails on them. He stated that when he got to about the 1,000 round mark is when the rails would crack. Anyone else have any problem with this??? Any help and/or advise would be most appreciated!!!
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Old 03-13-2002, 12:26 PM   #2
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That's the first I've heard of that and I haunt just about every SiG board ou there.
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Haven't heard of this either, and as a P229 owner with more than a couple of thousand rounds through it, haven't experienced it either.
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I have heard from a FLETC source that they really start to watch their 226/229's after 10,000 rds. I have a hard time believing that this guy cracked four frames in such a short period of time.
I have heard of Academy guns that have digested 20,000 rds and more with only minor parts replacement.

Old 04-05-2002, 10:13 AM   #5
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6,500 rounds through my 229 40 with no problems. I friend of mind is a dentist and I had the 229 xrayed for cracks and found none. Now if he would only give me a vicodin script.
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I too have a 229 (10,000 + rounds through it) and haven't had any trouble with it. I have however heard of this problem before. A friend of mine was using +p ammo for his on a regular basis and after about 2500 (iirc) he had the same problem. It may be the +p ammo or maybe a few of them escaped sigs QA/QC stuff. In any event I don't think it's a common problem at all and if you stay away from the +p (if that was indeed the problem) it should run great for years.
Old 04-22-2002, 06:59 PM   #7
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ive owned several sigs. for the past year ive tried to put as close to 2,000 roounds per week through my 226 and 229 as time will allow. talked and trained with alot of high speed people (not braggin but relevant)ive never heard of any thing like that in 800 rounds or even 10 or 20,000 rounds. FOUR FRAMES?? is this guy a beat cop? that would explain alittle. they like to embelish to give the impression of experience.
Old 04-30-2002, 05:07 AM   #8
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At one time I had worked for a 125 Officer agency that issued the P226 9mm. After around six years of service with standard pressure ammo and all too infrequent practice among the personnel, the frames began to crack at the rails. At least a dozen had such problems. Sig replaced them free of charge, and no one was hurt as a result of a malfunction. I have heard of such incidents elsewhere as well, but usually with high mileage on the pistol. Despite these circumstances, I trust the Sig family of firearms completely. I am particularly fond of the P220. I feel that it is one of the greatest handguns ever produced. I own one, along with a P229 and a P226. Sig is now beginning to produce their line with stainless steel frames as well, which will certainly hold up better than the alloy.
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Angry P226 rail crack

I have a P226 which I bought in 1987. I was cleaning it the other day and noticed the rail had cracked almost its entire length. I called the company and was told that the pistol basically reached its service life and that I would have to purchase another one.

I will not purchase a high-dollar weapon which is treated as disposable by its manufacturer. I would have paid for a new frame; however, they explained that they do not sell frames-only and I would have to purchase a whole gun.

I own another P226 in 40 and 357 SIG which I am contemplating on selling for fear I may end up disposing of that one too.
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Smile P226 cracked rail

I had a friend I served with in the Marines years ago who was a welder. I am sure he could have fixed the rail but I havenít had contact with him since the 90s. It made me think of him though. He could do anything to metal like a carpenter to wood!

Since the time of my remark I had written a letter to SIG. They did reply and make a terrific offer which I happily accepted and now I await my new P226. I guess I spoke with the wrong service rep.

Thanks for your reply!

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