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smith wesson model 5904

Can anyone tell me what they know about smith and wesson model 5904 (9mm) I found a used one for 375 with night sites is that a good deal and when did smith and wesson stop making this particular model.Does this model have a good track record.This will be my first hand gun so do you think it is a wise choice.Thanks alot and this is my first post at this web page..........
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The 5904 was made from 1989 to 1998. The price depends on the condition of the weapon. Night sights do add to the value, if they are still bright. Night sights have a lifespan and eventually grow dim. The 5904 was a very good 9mm. Steel slide and aluminum frame, high capacity magazine, it was the standard issue sidearm for many police departments. Check it over thoroughly before buying. Aluminum frames wear out faster than steel or stainless steel frames. Look for areas where the black anodizing has been worn away. Some wear is normal, but if the frame rails are nearly devoid of the anodized finish, I would pass it up. Since this is your first handgun purchase, have you considered a revolver? What is the intended use of your first handgun?
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I agree with Stansdds. If the gun is relatively new that is a fair price. If it has been fired a lot, maybe not. I read a post wherein the owner of an alloy Smith sent his gun to Springfield Mass for repair. The factory advised him that alloy guns were primarily "carry" guns and not meant to be fired extensively, due to the possibly of wear associated with extensive use. Of course he claimed to have 50,000 rounds through the gun and it was fine so who knows?

The 5903 was the stainless/alloy gun. The 5904 was blue/alloy and the 5906 was all stainless.

I own a 5906 which I bought as my first serious center fire pistol. I was in grad school, and living near the Detroit City limit. I purchased the pistol because I frequently heard gun shots at night and the natives were obviously restless. Fortunately I escaped from that hell hole without incident.

I still own it and like it a lot. I don't shoot it much any more, but I can't bear to part with it. I think the Smith & Wesson autos are very good guns and highly under-rated. Perhaps this is due to the bad rap Smith got when it was owned by some flaming liberal Klintonian idiot from England.
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I think it's a great deal, mainly if you can get the original capacity mags. If limited to ten round mags, I'd look for a 3913 or 908 instead. S&W 9mm's are pretty good and you could do a lot worse. I had a 5904 for several years and sold it for a Hi Power.

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