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5906TSW JAMED ugly

is a Smith Wesson 5906TSW. after i shoot couple i find out it is stable very pleasent for shoot with, but, one thing is that 5906 TSW is kind og heavym than another same class pistol, and 5906TSW not firing all type of 9mm rounds. i try some ammo that does jam ugly, i don't know why, the extracter can't take out the fired shell,and i clean after every time i shoot...i want to know if any thing can help me to fixed this problem..
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Jam Ugly?

Never heard it expressed quite like that.

Sounds like your problem is one of three things, with a fourth that is related to one of them

Your extractor hook is worn, and slips off the rim.

The spring that loads the extractor is weak, and does the same thing.
(external extractor) Or, an improperly tensioned internal extractor.

The ammo is too hot or the powder burn rate too slow, which will
exceed the elastic limit of the brass and leave it in tight contact with the
chamber or the chamber pressure is still too high for the case to shrink
after sealing against the chamber walls, and the extractor can't break the seal...respectively. Powder burn rates are pretty critical in self-loaders.
Burn rates that are too slow keep the curve near peak for a longer period,
and the pistol is trying to unlock and extract the fired case while the pressure is still near peak.

The possible fourth cause is a rough chamber, which will cause the pistol to behave as though the ammo is too hot or out-of-spec on the burn rate.

Since yours does it with only one brand or type of ammo, my best guess is
that the ammo is the problem. The extractor and spring may be marginal,
and would be a player if the ammo is a little hot...+p or +p+ for instance.

Hope this helps.

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What type of ammo is causing the malfunction? If it is reloaded ammo, it might not be sized correctly.
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how old is your pistol?
around 10 years ago, smith had a batch of barrels with bad chambers, basicly they had a shallow indentation in them. upon firing the case would expand into the indentation and the extractor would not be able to pull the case out.
secondly, if this gun has been fired a bunch, they may be a buildup of gunk under the extractor, preventing it from griping the case fully.
lastly are your stoppages occuring with all brands of ammo or only one, if its only one or 2 brands, avoid them.

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