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Calling all S&W 52 Experts!


I just received my very first S&W 52-2 with the box, tools, and four mags. The gun appears unfired but for the wotk performed by some unknows gunsmith. It has a polished feedramp, beautiful crown, and a super light and crisp trigger job. Everything is great except for the bore. it is pitted.

It is lightly pitted, and I think I have some options: 1. Replace the barrel- they are obsolete and unavailable from S&W, Brownells, and Gunparts. Where can I find one? 2. Lap the barrel- can this be done to remove pitting? It does not matter that the bore is enlarged because the gun is meant for HBWC's. 3. Modify the barrel- cut off the barrel and the locking lug, and thread in a new barrel into the chamber end. Can this be done accurately? The pressures we're dealing with are 7-11K PSI so not much stress is there. Plus, several high pressure guns use two piece barrels like Browning HP and the Springfield 1911, and they are pressed-in.

What sucks is that I also have an entire top end with a beautiful barrel that fits loosely in my gun. My pitted barrel fits live a dream.

What do you guys think?

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You didn't say how it shoots as is?

You didn't say how it shoots as is?
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It should shoot great, but I am concerned with leading.
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I had a similar situation about 10 years ago with a 52 that had poorly cut rifling and would not group well. My 'smith fitted a Barsto barrel and now it is a tack driver. If the Barsto's are still available that would be the way to go IMO.
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I emailed BarSto to see if they would make me one, but haven't received a response yet. I read some literature where the author firelapped some old Mauser rifles with "dark" bores and improved accuracy to near MOA. My bore is far from dark, rather it appears a little dirty, just slightly pitted. The problem is that pure lead HBWC's lead up that barrel very quickly and there is no point to doing load development that way.

Please keep the responses rolling in.

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What load(s) are you using?
Try harder than pure lead HBWC?
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First, congrats on finding a nice 52. Great gun, mine shoots so well it is scary.

Try JB Bore paste to polish that bore some. Also, VEEEEEERY carefully, try a little polishng rouge on a wool mop. Go SLOOOOW, (one or two strokes a time, and clean and check progress. Yeah, it's a pain in the butt, but availability of extra barrels is limited, as you know.

If all else fails, I'll buy it for a hundred bucks. :lol: (just kidding)

I love the 52. Good luck, and shoot X's.

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