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S & W 41 safety removal????

I have a new S & W 41. My thumb rides up while shooting and engages the safety. I managed to score a nice used set of a Herret 1911 style trainer grips but my thumb is still causing the problem.

I read the thread about trimming the safety and was wondering if anyone had a diagram or really good instruction about how much and where to trim. Also If I try this, Iíd like to find a replacement safety to trim so in case I donít like the outcome, I can always go back to the factory original.

This brings me to another question. Can I simply remove the safety? I removed it and dry fired the gun but am wondering if anything will get damaged (peened or such) if I fire the gun with the safety removed.


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I went the other direction and had a local 'smith build up the thumb safety on my Model 41. Made it easier and quicker to disengage and gave my thumb a place to ride.
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Chopperdoc, this forum you do not get many replies. I do not know why, it is a great forum but not much traffic.
If I were you I would go to the following forum and ask you're question. Someone there will respond quickly and if not Bullseye will respond and give you some very good advise he is very good with model 41's.
GunTalk-Online.com :: View Forum - Rimfire Handguns

Not trying to insult this forum, but I hope the traffic picks up a little bit.
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Replies ???

jstan....first let Me say, from havein been on pistolsmith from almost the time Dane Burns started this forum , In the early days this forum was 95% 1911...there are very few of the early ones left on here so that may be why replies are slow or no reply at all...Far as replys from Me go I Like to have the firearm on My bench , if not I can go on symtoms but that is about the same as a guess...Most questions could be answered by the questioneer if questioneer was serious about learnin about the firearm...with all the books and DVDs from AGI and others , ther answers are out there....some say AGI dvds are expensive , that may be true.....in any case knowdledge and wisdom seldom come cheap....Thanks for the link to Gun Talk , seems like a good one....checked out the first Ruger sticky

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WildBillCaldwell, I try to learn as much as posible on any gun that I can. That is when I have that model. I figure that this site is mainly for gunsmiths and I visit here every day at least once but more usually. I love to read about guns period and that is why I wish the traffic would pick up. I really figure that most gunsmiths really don't like a non smith working on guns anyway. I don't blame them they have invested time and money into there trade. I really like the info that I have received on this thread and appreciate the response.
BullsEye on the other site was the only person on three or gun forums that actually help me fix my model 41. He is very good with he 41's
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Originally Posted by Wild Bill Caldwell View Post
.....in any case knowdledge and wisdom seldom come cheap....

Very well said Bill.

And probably like most of us - my best learned lessons have costed me the most...

I hope you have a Good Christmas Bill, and the rest of ya'll as well.

Bob Reed

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