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Question M&P -VS- XD long term comparisons PLZ?

Hey folks!

I have seen the XD- VS- Glock thread and it re started me to thinking about the above title subject.

I own a Glock, and have rented both the M&P & XD, but 20 to 50 rounds on those rentals just wasn't enough Data for me to make much in the way of conclusions on which is overall the best choice for me, for an all inclusive SD, HD, and Range toy, but.. I'll try to note here what little I could tell about them from my very limited experience W them!

Between the 3 (G-Block, M&P, XD, I liked the ergonomics of the S&W M&P the best, but didn't like the strangely feeling, looking, Hinged in the middle trigger and the XD had the best trigger feel of the three, but seemed to have more muzzle flip to me and then of course the G-Block felt the worst in my hand and had the stiffest most uncomfortable trigger, abrading my finger raw in well under 200 rnds.

I have often wondered if any one has owned both an XD & M&P, in the same sizes and caliber and if so can you do a SIDE by SIDE review giving us long term shooter feedback and maybe any aftermarket work info (trigger mods Etc.) that you may have done to both guns or any you feel either or both guns need, any extensive competition shooting you have done W them would be a really big plus, and any info on caliber conversions, custom parts or custom work would be really great too!

thanks in advance
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I have been into Glocks for twenty years, Smith M&Ps for a couple of years. I have never handled an XD except for shooting a couple of hundred rounds through my niece's 9mm XDM.

The XDM is a nice gun and I think I could learn to shoot it well. My only objection is the lack of aftermarket parts available and the policy of SA not shipping parts for sale.

My favorite of the three is an M&P 45compact. Aftermarket parts are coming on line but I don't feel the need for anything extra except a more visible front sight. The gun comes with Novak knockoffs in correct size novak dovetails. The barrel has traditionally rifled lands and grooves making it OK for shooting cast lead bullets.

The Glock cannot be faulted in any objective way for it's intended purpose. However, I like the feel of the Smith better. Very subjective on my part. There are tons of aftermarket parts and every bubba is a Glock factory armorer. Replacement parts and upgrades are mostly free if you take it to the armorer on site at GSSF shoots. Internet wisdom says the polygonal barrels are not ideal for shooting cast lead bullets. I have cured that problem with aftermarket barrels at $100 each from Lone Wolf. Better(more expensive) barrels are also out there. Wouldn't want to violate internet wisdom.

I am sure that you could not go wrong with any of the three. Buy one of each, shoot a couple of thousand rounds and report back to us.
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Thanks for the response, and I wish I had been more detailed in my OP (oops)
BUUUT... as far as buying a M&P and XD to go W my Glock to experiment W all 3 well...
That's a big negatory on that for sure good buddy! lol

If I could afford that I would not have posted this thread in the first place.

I am looking to get feed back from others who well see first post above.

thanks again.

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Any one have anything useful to add?

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