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Thumbs up Modifying 5906 Hammer-Drop

I have two 5906s that I'm quite fond of.

I know that some folks feel the opposite, but I would very much like to have a Gun where the hammer doesn't Automatically drop everytime the Safety is applied.

(If you read Colonel Cooper, he said that regardless of how theoretically impossible it may be, Automatic-Hammer-Drop Pistols can and do fire occasionally when the Hammer-Drop-Safety is used to drop the Hammer. Therefore, the only responsible course is to ride the hammer down with the thumb, each and every time that the Hammer is dropped.)

At any rate, I know that one of the protrusions on the Shaft of the Thumb Safety does the Dirty Deed--but which one?

Is that all there is to canceling the Hammer Drop feature?

{I never Sell a Gun for any reason. I am 100% unconcerned about what it does to the resale value of the Gun.}

Saxon Violence
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Removing the sear release lever (hammer dropper) eliminates the hammer drop.
This leaves the gun with the firing pin locked, hammer cocked, but a pull on the trigger will drop the hammer.

You'll get varying opinions on whether this is a good idea or even safe.

Here's an exploded view of 5906 S&W auto.
The sear release lever is part 73.
If you remove it, the hammer drop feature is deactivated, BUT... you need to replace the lever with something to fill the space.
I'd recommend buying another lever and cutting it down so it doesn't function.
To be SURE, I'd cut off the lever that is activated by the safety and possibly the portion that contacts the sear.
Make absolutely SURE it can't rotate and cause a jam or problem.

Schematic for Smith & WessonŽ 5906 - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS
(They don't sell the part).

Many S&W auto parts are universal among a number of models.
You can buy parts direct from S&W and here:

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. - The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories
A whoppin' $3.80

Jack First Gunshop - First in Gun Parts - Rapid City, South Dakota
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I've had Smith autos with hammer drop/safety levers so lont that they are imprinted on mind and muscle. They are easy to get used to and serve good purpose. Don't mess with them.

Ditto with the magazine safety. learn to live with it and use it to your advantage. Hit the button, kill the gun. It has it's uses. I know a woman who carries a 3913 in her purse, When she needs to get seperated from her purse, she removes the mag and disables the gun.
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Well Cooper said that carrying in "Condition Zero" was an Acceptable Practice, provided that one had carefully thought through all the ramifications.....

Certainly no current Expert would ever say that (even if perchance he agreed) because of the liability concerns.

Taking "Condition Zero" as a "Given"; a Thumb Safety that could be activated and left on with the Hammer Cocked would be an improvement.

Doubt that I'll ever get around to fiddling with it.

Thank You.

Saxon Violence
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In the same model gun, the Performance Center 5906/952 type single action guns operate exactly that way. The decocker is only used as a hammer block type safety, dropping it, just rolls the decocked up covering the firing pin totally , the hammer stays in single action mode,( no knock on Cooper ,but baring anything foreign being between the firing pin and the hammer no way they would ever fire). The guns arent cut for sear levers, or mag safeties.You could check those models out. Bob

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