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S&W 910 S Trigger

Hello everyone and Greetings from Norway
After acquiring a S&W 910 S, I must admit that this gun has a horrible trigger pull in single action mode.
I have attempted to polish the internals according to a video series on youtube, but this only seemed to give very slight (if any) improvement.
Does any of you good people know how to improve the trigger pull/ how to perform a trigger job at home. I have thoroughly searched the web and found plenty of stuff on 1911's and revolvers etc. but nothing on this little gem or any other Third gen. To send the gun to S&W would be near impossible due to my location and the bureaucracy involving guns.


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Generally, the S&W Third Generation autos are tuned by the same method as any firearm: By having an EXPERT pistolsmith stone the hammer and sear to a better fit and finish.

I don't know of any printed instructions for the S&W design, and I certainly wouldn't trust any I found on Youtube.
On Youtube you have no idea if the person doing the video knows anything at all about what they're doing, and I've seen some real horror instructions that ruin guns.

One thing you can do is install a spring kit of lighter springs. These usually include a trigger spring and several hammer springs.
You change the hammer springs until you get one that gives a lighter trigger pull, but still gives 100% reliable ignition.

I think Wolff Gun Springs carry S&W Third Gen springs:

Wolff Gunsprings - Firearm Springs for Semi-Auto Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, & Shotguns

Springs will improve the trigger pull, but how much is a question.
Having an EXPERT pistolsmith do a "trigger job" will get the best results, but you need a real expert who actually knows what he's doing. That doesn't mean something on Youtube.
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I hope you may have a gunsmith available somewhere in Europe, if not in Norway. I understand the S&W Target Master is or was very popular with target shooters on the Continent, and that pistol is simply a very nice 3rd Gen cousin of your pistol.

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