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Taurus .357 or .44

Hey folks!

A few weeks ago I bought my first own gun. A Glock 19 Gen 4. I really like it, and since 9mm ammo is inexpensive I don't really need to care about the costs when firing it at the local shooting range.
So far so good. Now I fell in love with another gun which is the Taurus Raging Bull. It's so different from a typical 9mm pistol that I need to have it! I love the bulky and solid look.
What I am not sure about is, if I should get the .357 or .44 version (Magnum, 6" barrel).

I am aware of the fact that .44 Magnum ammo is more expensive than .357 (which can also take .38 Special ammo making it even cheaper). Not considering the costs, what would you go for?
Is the .44 Magnum in terms of shooting (recoil for instance) really that more impressive than a .357 Magnum?

Thanks for your feedback!

ps: Yeah I know, there is also the .454 Casull out there. So this one for sure, beats anything else I am considering. Though I want to keep it reasonable to some degree...

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SmartBoy, Can we be frank about the Raging bull from Taurus and most all the Taurus (BrazTech) items/products, please?
first off, I am a gunsmith in Carson City, Nevada with the better part of 12 years experience with Taurus/Braztech products. these products used to bring me 1/2 of my income. these guns have problems with their fire controls and are so rough that no one likes pulling the triggers. these are the big complaints of firing these guns. second they break a lot. at least with the people around here. they break hands/pawls, springs, and a bit more than occasionally things fall off of them like rear sights. okay the rear sights fly off them in all of their magnum cartridges.
Next I want you to know if anything goes wrong, broken parts, it can not be fixed by any gunsmith out there except by their repair facilities back east, Miami/Dade County Florida. their new policy, as of 3 years ago, is that all their stuff is only repairable/spare parts are only shipped to their repair facility in Miami, Florida. I can not get springs to replace worn out springs. I have to send any repair to their repair facility. it angers my clients here in NV. my advice to you is get a Smith and Wesson 44 Mag/SPL or a 357MAG/38SPL. easier to have fixed and much better gun.
also I would learn how to reload.. then you can build your own ammo in your spare time and save money in the long run.
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Taurus has come a long way from the older guns, but they just aren't up to American standards of quality and durability.

A good many gunsmiths will not take in a Taurus, even more now that it's almost impossible to get parts.
If you have to send it in for repair, unless it's under a warranty you'll probably have to pay shipping to them.
Shipping for a non-Dealer MUST go through UPS or Fed-Ex and they demand it go by the fastest method.
That can run over $80 or more with insurance.

Many people have excellent luck with Taurus, many have bad luck and nothing good to say about the guns, the actual utility of a warranty, and bad things to say about the repairs.

The better choices are today's top of the line which is S&W, or the excellent Ruger. Ruger is generally considered to be the "best buy" for price/quality.
Both are life time revolvers, both have excellent warranties and top quality repairs if needed.
Both have far better resale values if you ever want to sell.

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