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Don't mean to bore you with the obvious, but the L frame grip is same as the K and it fits a fair number of small hands. What you may want to try is a smaller set of grips than you are currently using...even the magnas with a something like a TylerT grip adapter. Any grip with filler on the back of the frame will surely make the frame larger for small hands. My wife does well with the Hoague grips.

I should have said that the basics of stance and grip are more important with learning effective DA fire rather than sounding like I was emphasizing a training regimen. When you indicated the problems you were having with DA shooting, it seemed like a good thing to emphasize whether you're shooting a 3 meters or 25. DA shooting is clearly a more difficult exercise to put all the basics of stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, recoil management together than single action fire.

Good luck.
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Thanks for that input 256m-s. I thought the S&W 60 was a small framed revolver. I also was thinking that putting on some Pachmayr Compac grips might help with the 686. I've been shooting the Remington for so long that shooting DA is very difficult for me to pick up on. I have gained a lot more respect for good DA revolver shooters now that I tried it.
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The Smith 60 is a J-frame and is their smallest current frame. I was just pointing out that if the grip size on your L-frame seems too large, it's only the traditional K-frame size, and it's worth going to a smaller set of grips like the magnas or the Hogues rather than downsizing the gun. If you think you have problems with good DA shooting with an L-frame, it'll be compounded with a J!

The difference between a SA auto with a decent trigger and a DA revolver is a huge difference and the reason I suggested going back to the basics and doing some dry firing to smooth your ability to use the long, heavier, DA pull. The coin on the muzzle trick is an old one that really shows up your problems with using a DA revolver and is a good way to demonstrate that you have it right. Actually, when you get used to it, for some of us, it's easier to hit with a DA revolver than a SA with something like aerial targets or rolling cans. Something to do with the longer smooth action just tying your physical senses into the gun better than the quick, crisp SA trigger pull. Especially for fast repeat shots. In any event it's a fun and useful skill to develop....but 'hit do take time'...

Again, good luck with whatever course you decide upon.
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I looked at the grips on the 686 and they are Hogue monogrips square butt rubber. The backstrap is exposed so I don't blieve smaller grips will help shorten the trigger reach. But you made a good point by saying going down to a J- frame would make a DA harder to shoot. Since I got the 686 for home defense, I thought I could shoot one-handed for close in shooting as I can with the Remington. However, it looks like I'll train using two hands where an "h" grip with the trigger hand is recommended by some. By the time I get the Kimber broken in and modified, I should be able to handle the DA fairly well. I can then retire the Remington and leave it for my great grandchildren to celebrate the 100 anniversaries of VE day and VJ day.
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See if you can find a pair of straight magna grips and perhaps add a Tyler T grip adapter. If that doesn't work, go to a gunshop and handle a K-frame, like the Model 19 or 66 and see how that feels to your trigger reach. I personally like the fixed sight 65's but nothing wrong with going to a 38 in lieu of a 357 either.
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Remember that the Hogues' have a palm swell that will slightly shorten your trigger reach....
If you go for the Magnas this goes can also get wood Hogues' and do a little
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Do any of you think the Pachmayr Compac grips would help?
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You can use a Hiviz fiber optic front sight if your gun is of later manufacture with the interchangable pinned front sight. No gunsmithing required.
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Thanks for all your suggestions.
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It's a dang shame you can't find one of the 686's with the Hi-Viz front sight.I have always hated the way they look on a revolver but ended up with hi-viz sights on a 686+ with a 5 in. barrel.For double action shooting it is great for my old eyes!

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