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Anyone ever had a revolver barrel relined?

I would appreciate any information from those who have had a revolver barrel relined?

I've heard conflicting reports about the feasibility.

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Re: Anyone ever had a revolver barrel relined?

"Can I reline a revolver"? isn't enough info to work with.

Much depends on WHAT revolver and what caliber.
Many revolvers simply don't have the mass of metal at the rear to allow relining, especially in a powerful or large caliber.

The rear of revolver barrels is reduced in diameter and threaded. This is what screws into the frame.
In many guns, once you drill the barrel for the liner, then drill an expanded area to form a "step" so the liner won't creep forward, there just isn't enough metal left for strength.

If you had a .357 S&W "N" frame, you could probably line it, but probably not a .44. Again, depends on the gun, caliber, and power.

What you probably need to do is talk to an expert about exactly what gun you're wanting to work with.
Redman's are the experts. They do mostly low pressure guns like the Winchester lever actions, and won;t do high power rifles due to strength concerns. They might be able to help you decide if the gun you want to work with is feasible or not.
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Re: Anyone ever had a revolver barrel relined?

I have a K22 that needs a new barrel - none exist for the 5 screw, so I'm looking for barrel reline info from someone who has had a revolver barrel relined.
It needs a new barrel or reline, believe me.

On the Ten Ring Precision site it says:

"Rimfire (.22 caliber)
Suggested work on your pistol or revolver

Your barrel relined with Olympic quality liner $175 "
So I email Alex Hamilton at Ten Ring and he says he doesn't do revolver barrel relines cause the impact of the bullet hitting the forcing cone of the reline causes it to move.

Then I check with Randy Redman of Redman barrel relining and he says he's done K22s but he wants only the barrel not the gun - so I gotta figure if it worth me having the barrel removed and sent to Redman.
I'm just looking for experience from someone who has had a revolver barrel relined.
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Re: Anyone ever had a revolver barrel relined?

If the reline job includes the slightly enlarged rear section to form a "step" to prevent the liner from moving forward, a .22 should be do-able.

One option I'd look into is to contact someone like Cylinder & Slide Shop. They're world-class custom gunsmiths and its very possible you could just send the gun in to them for the job.
The reason people like Redman won't do the whole job is the lack of the tooling to remove and replace the barrel, and the risk of damaging the frame. They're barrel liner experts, not revolver experts with all the barrel vises and frame wrenches needed for that.

Over the years I've seen or been involved in doing a number of special relines for revolvers. Since my specialty was Colt double actions, they were Colt's. These often involved making a .22LR "Python" from an Officer's Model Match.
These methods were used for .22LR.:
1. Standard reline with the "step" at the rear.

2. A "flanged" liner in which the rear of the barrel is faced off so the threaded portion is much shorter but still has enough threads to support the barrel. The liner has a flange on the rear that prevents the barrel from moving forward, and provides more mass for the forcing cone area.

3. A shroud job. In this one, the threaded portion of the barrel is cut completely off and the barrel drilled out to a much larger hole. The liner is threaded and installed on the frame, and the original barrel is bonded over that.
This is similar to how the Dan Wesson interchangeable barrel worked, only without a muzzle nut and non removable.
In this one the "barrel" is nothing more than a shroud bonded over the real barrel which was made from a larger diameter liner or barrel blank.
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Re: Anyone ever had a revolver barrel relined?

Looks like dfarris beat Me to this one...His reply was close to what Mine would have been , less the part concernin' Colts, early on I saw Colts were harder for Me to time , fit up, or what ever than Smiths, plus I could get a trigger pull "I" like better out of a Smith than I could a Colt.

Touchin' on Alex Hamilton, I met Him at a SHOT SHOW, talkin' to Him, or readin' the newsletters He puts out for their guild You'd think Him or any of His cohorts could line a barrel with their eyes shut.....while walkin' on water

If I were still workin' on Smiths and this job came in.......First I have to try to remember, left hand or right hand threads, didn't Smith change sometime? Then machine a frame wrench out of alm. to hold the frame, remove the barrel, ream the barrel, turn the type of sleeve described by dfarris, re install barrel...not a hard job at all

Some of You know or have read about the "HOTRODDIN'" I've done with 1911s, I'd hate to guess how many 1911 barrels I've sleeved for very hot loads, most of the time it is the only way to do the job.....sleevin' is doable and works, just more work for revos....

Another way to go might be a new tube threaded to fit the frame, with the ball and detent lock up or machine the lug the ejector rod/ centerpin fits into from the old barrel and weld it to the new tube

Bill Caldwell

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